A medical emergency brought a community together to provide healing and hope.

Emergency: Brian's story

A foot wound nearly cost Brian his life .
An injury like his would be a minor matter for you and me, but because Brian was homeless, it became a life-threatening emergency.
Luckily he survived, thanks to you and houses of faith that make Room in the Inn.
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Room in the Inn at First Presbyterian Church of Fort Worth

More than 20 local Room in the Inn congregations offer a night's rest, dinner and fellowship to people experiencing homelessness during the hottest and coldest months, all in partnership with the DRC.
Brian was among guests welcomed by one of those churches--First Presbyterian Church of Fort Worth--in December 2014.
He was limping badly by then. His foot was not healing, and it hurt. That worried another Room in the Inn guest, who persuaded Brian to take off his shoe and check the wound. One look and it was clear: this was a medical emergency. Volunteers called 911.
Doctors would save Brian's life, but they could not save his foot. Through it all, a steady stream of visitors from Room in the Inn churches, even the T bus driver on Brian's regular route, came to the hospital to show support and left amazed at Brian's good cheer.

Behind the scenes, DRC Director of Client Services Kristy Hroch, Housing Specialist Tamara Jones and others worked hard to secure temporary shelter, a prosthesis, and a permanent home for Brian.

Today he has an apartment of his own and looks forward to returning to work.

"I want to be self-sufficient," Brian said. "That's the goal. That frees up room for someone else."
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