Dear LSA member,

Last night Gov. John Bel Edwards issued another emergency COVID-19 proclamation temporarily suspending the need for physician supervision of nurse anesthetists in Louisiana. Unfortunately it looks like the governors across the nation are reading off of each other’s playbooks, even though there is no demonstrated need for this action.

We need to remember - facility bylaws still are in place that prevent independent practice in most places. This will likely have little or no affect statewide. No question, it is very concerning, but for most places it changes nothing. It is stated as a time limited, ( Apr 30, 2020 ) temporary move, and you can be assured that LSA & ASA will be working diligently to remain in contact with the Governor’s office to reapply physician supervision after the COVID-19 situation is resolved.

The key is to continue doing the great work that you always do and remain in contact with and engaged with your Society and colleagues. I firmly believe that is our path to success.

Best Regards,

Joseph Koveleskie, MD, FASA
LSA President
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