Emergency evacuations out of Kabul galvanize community in support of Afghan refugees
Opening Doors has welcomed refugees for decades, supporting families with housing, legal assistance, case management, mental health support, medical care, and school enrollment, serving approximately 700 individuals in a given year.

However, with emergency evacuations from Kabul hopefully continuing, tens of thousands of Afghans are making their way to various resettlement agencies across the United States, including Opening Doors.

We expect to welcome more than 925 individuals just in the next 3 months!
The needs associated with this pace of arrivals are extraordinary but – so is the generosity and compassion of the Sacramento community.

In fact, this past month, the outpouring of generosity and compassion from our Community of Welcome has overwhelmed us…. literally!

  • Our website temporarily crashed due to the outpouring of support from the general public who reached out en masse, as they watched live footage of emergency evacuation efforts happening in Kabul, to ask us how they can best support their new Afghan neighbors.

  • Interest in Welcome Kits inspired folks far and wide to collect and donate more than 500 Welcome Kits, valued at approx. $50,000. Because of the overwhelming generosity, Welcome Kits are now filling up not one, two, or three, but four storage units!

  • $39,355 in donations has poured in from cities all over the country to support agencies like ours in the Sacramento area, known for its large and vibrant Afghan community.

Thank you!

We're so grateful for all your generosity and support these past few weeks!
We’re humbled and grateful to see how our Community of Welcome has come together to help Afghan refugees settle into lives of safety, stability, and belonging.

We're working diligently to ensure we're ready to meet the needs of Afghans escaping retribution or persecution from the Taliban for their roles assisting U.S. troops in the war in Afghanistan – but, we cannot do it alone.

We still need funds, volunteers, and community support.

Read on to learn how you can help support this historic effort to welcome an unprecedented number of Afghan refugees to Sacramento.
Your donation helps us remain responsive
As for now, our greatest need is monetary donations as it helps us be remain responsive to a client’s urgent needs, which we can’t always anticipate.

Sometimes it is an Uber to a crucial medical appointment, emergency hotel stay so a newly arrived family has a safe place to land until permanent housing can be arranged, or tools to assist with the mental health challenges that many refugees will face.

Or, perhaps it's just a handful of gift cards so families have some flexibility in managing their own immediate needs like pain medication, groceries, or clothing with independence and dignity.

All these things are made possible from your generous support!
Volunteer your time
You can play a big role in helping newcomers thrive in the U.S. – apply to volunteer with Opening Doors!

Last month we launched a new volunteer management system to make it easier to get involved and it is our sincere hope that, through this new system, we can ensure your participation is as easy as it is rewarding!

Learn more about our volunteer program by clicking the button below.
Use your voice
Take Action Now:
Urge President Biden to welcome refugees, set 2022 refugee admissions goal at 200,000.

As we confront the worst global displacement crisis in history with more than 31 million refugees worldwide, and countless vulnerable Afghans remain in imminent danger, it is vital that President Biden set a robust refugee admissions goal for FY2022 at 200,000 and invest in strengthening our nation’s capacity to welcome.

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