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Thursday, August 21, 2020
A quote to inspire us to keep going:
“The human capacity for burden is like bamboo- far more flexible than you'd ever believe at first glance.”
-Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper
A message from your Union
Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

As we start our new fall 2020 semester we have found ourselves in some very trying times not only as we struggle to adapt to a new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but just as we start to get into the swing of things, mother nature reared her head and gave us a fierce lightning storm which has produced some of our biggest area wildfires to date. We have fires in Santa Cruz County, threatening some staff and faculty homes and we have the River, Carmel and Dolan fires here on our peninsula which have threatened and taken some of our staff and faculty homes.  

During this time, we find ourselves asking "what more can we endure"? "what else can we do"?

It seems as if we can endure a lot. Even when we think we cannot. We adapted to working remotely. Successfully, at that. We adapted to teaching our children well with prideful smiles. We created "a new normal". And also, found out how much we hate that term. 

What else can we do? We can be there, for each other during these "little fires everywhere." Just like we were there for each other when COVID-19 started. If you have extra blankets or clothes, now is the time to donate. Reach out to your friends, family, co-workers, or community members. If you do not know of any one, below you will find some links to places who will be more than willing to accept them.

These are truly some trying times. Some of the hardest of times for some. Still, even in the face of so much ash, it gives us hope to see the outpouring of generosity and helpfulness from the community, family, and friends - even in a time of COVID-19.The resiliency that we have as human beings is insurmountable and we are all in this together.

If you need assistance in anyway, please reach out to us. We are here for you and you are not alone.

Be safe, and be well.

In Solidarity,
CSUEU Executive Board
Resources and Links
Monterey County Recovers

This is an emergency resource and community website for residents of Monterey, CA. Get involved to build resiliency and disaster preparedness in our community! This site is managed by CERV of the Monterey Peninsula and our community partners.
A!ert Monterey County

Get alerted about emergencies and other important community news by signing up for our Emergency Alert Program. This system enables us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods.

You will receive time-sensitive messages wherever you specify, such as your home, mobile or business phones, email address, text messages and more. You pick where, you pick how.
Links to Resources for Fire Disaster Relief

  • AirBnB OpenHomes - For folks who have lost their homes or who have been evacuated AirBnB offers free, temporary housing for displaced persons needing shelter as a result of a disaster. You can access it here:

  • Cal/OSHA Reminds Employers to Protect Workers from Unhealthy Air due to Wildfire Smoke

  • SEIU California Fire Fund - To obtain information you can access their website at Please note that this fund is on a first come first serve basis. If you have any problems making contact, please let us know right away and we can help by connecting with our counterparts in SEIU

For those wishing to donate to help those impacted by the fires: 

~Special thanks to CFA for sharing a list of Resources for Fire Disaster Relief to share with others.