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hurricane update From City Hall
In light of the threat  presented by Hurricane Irma, The City of Coral Gables has put together safety information at your fingertips to facilitate access to emergency services and answer some of the most common questions.
  City Emergency - Frequently Asked Questions
Which number can I call if I have a non-emergency question?
The City of Coral Gables has established a Non-Emergency hotline to answer common questions regarding City operations and services before, during and after the storm. The number to call is (305) 460-5401

How do I know if I am on an evacuation zone and where should I go?
Miami Dade County will draft the boundaries for evacuation zones as the hurricane approaches and a more defined path is established. For more information on evacuation zones you may visit the Miami Dade Evacuation Zone website . You can also type in your address on a Miami Dade Storm Surge Simulator to verify if your address is located on an evacuation zone. You may also contact M iami-Dade County Emergency and Evacuation Assistance Program by phone 305-513-7700.
Are there any shelters within the City?
Many Miami Dade Public Schools will become shelters. Currently, there are no shelters located within the City of Coral Gables. To locate the closest shelter to you, please visit the Miami Dade 2017 Evacuation Shelters. If you do not have transportation available to get to the shelters, Miami Dade County will be providing bus transportation from the following pick up sites.
What services are available for individuals with special needs?
Individuals pre-registered with the County's Emergency and Evacuation Assistance Program should contact 305-513-7700, all others should contact 305-442-1600 as a last resort.
Will City Hall and other City facilities be open to the public? and when will they reopen? 
All shuttered City facilities will be closed to the public and will reopen as soon as safely possible. Check the City website for more information.
Will my trash be picked up before the storm?
Sanitation services will continue as regularly scheduled, including on Thursday and Friday. The City expects to resume services following the storm as soon as safely possible. Check the City's website for more information. However, bulk trash pick up service IS NOT available anymore until further notice. At such, residents are strongly urged not to place bulky trash out in the swale or anywhere outside your home, including garden trash. Do not cut any trees or add debris to trash pile For more information, you may contact Coral Gables Sanitation Services at   305- 460-5135 or 3 05- 460-5346

Is the City cleaning the catch basins and storm drains?
Yes, City crews have ben cleaning storm drains and catch basins citywide, focusing on the most problematic areas first. If you see a blocked storm drain please assist us by clearing it if you can do so safely.

What should I do if I Spot Potentially dangerous Debris?
If you encounter bulky trash or construction debris or any other type of garbage that could become potentially dangerous during the storm, you may report it to Our Code Compliance Department by calling 305-441-5777
Can I use the Municipal Garages to park my vehicle, if my own parking is not safe? 
Yes, as soon as a hurricane warning is issued by the County, residents can park for free in municipal garages (except for the garage at 2801 Salzedo which is for Public Safety only). Cars must be moved out of the garages 48 hours after the storm.
Will the Trolley Service be available?
Yes, the Trolley services will continue their normal operations until the storm's sustained winds reach a maximum of 40 miles per hour. At that time, all oversized vehicles including transportation buses,  school buses, and shuttles must cease operations for safety precautions.  
What should I do if a business or store is charging abusive prices for products or services?
You may report price gouging at this hotline 1-866-9-NO-SCAM
How can I get the Latest Information from the City? 
For the latest information, you can follow us via Facebook
or via Twitter or by visiting our webpage at
Will the City be providing Sandbags?
No sandbags are being provided.

Trees are touching a transformer and FPL has not responded will the City intervene?
Call our public information hotline at 305-460-5401.

How can I submit an emergency request to the City?
If you have an emergency please contact 911, if it's not an emergency please contact 305-442-1600.

I'm worried about my elderly neighbor, what should I do?
Check on your neighbor if you can do so safely. If you believe there is an emergency situation please call 911, otherwise call the Community Information Hotline at 305-466-5401

Where can I get food, ice and water after the storm?
It is imperative that you have enough supplies to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. Please check the City's website for more information following the storm.
If my property is damaged after the storm, will I need a permit for emergency repairs?
While it is important for you to do temporary shore up, the Building Department will open for permitting as soon as possible after the storm and expedite emergency permits.

Will Code Enforcement actively cite immediately after the storm?

The City's first priority will be safety and working with the community to restore order. 

Hurricane Information for Businesses 
The City of Coral Gables is preparing for Hurricane Irma, and so should our businesses and workers.  Merchants should shutter their storefronts by end of day Thursday, and all businesses are strongly encouraged to allow their employees time to complete their personal preparations ahead of the storm.  Tropical Storm force winds may be felt as soon as Friday evening, and everyone should be safely secured in their shelters by then.  Follow the latest storm updates from the National Hurricane Center by  clicking here.
With respect to the Miracle Mile and Giralda Plaza Streetscape construction site:
The City is working with the contractor to ensure that the job site is secured.  Potential flying debris is being removed or tied down, barricades are being filled with water or anchored into the ground, signs are being taken down, trash cans are being removed, and equipment is being stored. 
Private construction sites are also being inspected by City personnel to ensure that potential flying debris is removed or tied down, and the City is working with contractors to secure cranes as much as possible.
Be STORM READY... for helpful business preparation information,  click here.
For the latest updates on the City services, office hours, emergency preparations, response and recovery efforts, visit the Coral Gables hurricane preparedness webpage.
Please contact the Public Information Hotline at 305-460-5401 with any questions or concerns, and as always, dial 911 for emergencies.

Be Safe. Be Connected.

The time is now to sign up for emergency notifications from the City of Coral Gables. We will keep you informed through the following: 
  • Code  Red: This is a community emergency notification referred as Reverse 911. Create an account by clicking here
  • Download the In-telligent app from the App Store or Google Play and join the Coral Gables Communities: Central, North or South depending on where you live. 
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Watching Warnings
Services Affected

In preparation for Hurricane Irma the following City services have been affected:


  • Miami-Dade and Broward County public schools will be closed on Thursday and Friday, September 7 and 8. The School Board will notify in time when classes resume.
  • The UPS 5K Run scheduled for Sept 9th has been cancelled
  • The Venetian Pool Paint Night  for September 9th is cancelled
  • The Planning and Zoning meeting of September 13th was cancelled



Please check our website for further updates.  

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