In order to help protect your business in emergency situations -- such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, etc. -- please consider taking the following precautions to ensure you're properly prepared:
  • Sign up for the BID's Emergency Text Message Service HERE.

  • Monitor local news and prepare your immediate area with enough time to leave before the event begins (if possible).

  •  Review your insurance policy and contact your insurance company, if needed, for proper coverage.

  •  Create a current inventory list to have available for the insurance company and take photos of the business before the event.

  •  Clear the outside area of any unsecured items that can be used to damage property or break windows/door.

  • Secure the business by locking doors, gates, windows, garage doors, loading docks, etc.… and ensure door locks and roll up gate locks are of good quality.

  • If possible, apply graffiti coating to gates, and walls to minimize graffiti damage.

  • Ensure security/intrusion alarms are set.

  • Ensure Fire Life Safety System (Fire Alarm) is active.

  •  Ensure security video surveillance system is running so that images can be provided to Law Enforcement.

  • If possible, and without damaging equipment, shut off gas lines (if applicable).

  • Secure high-value inventory items from displays, and minimize inventory at the location if possible, by moving it to a secured location.

  •  Shut off any excessive lights, music, and/or anything that may draw attention to your business.

  •  Board storefront windows with plywood of at least ¼ inch.

  • If you choose to stay inside your business during emergency situations, (highly not recommended), please notify your local Law Enforcement agency and let them know there are people in the business.

  •  Be aware of your surroundings, and if at any time you become unsafe, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.
The Board Up Company

Jose's Window Board Up

Salvador Sanchez
Please check our COVID-19 Resources Page for additional updates, information, and resources that have been made available as of last week.
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