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Emergency Preparation Checklist
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Once there is a threat of a potential storm, make sure you make the necessary preparation to be prepared.



Yard Prep
  • Secure any furniture in the yard and anything can can get blown around in heavy winds.
  • Do NOT create yard waste (cutting tree limbs in preparation of the storm) AFTER the day your yard waste is collected. They can become projectiles in the storm.
  • If you are in low-lying areas, block any door jams or low windows. At this time, the City does NOT provide sand bags or sands. There are barriers that can be purchased at Ace Hardware and Amazon.com. Please do not remove sand from the beach.

As the storm nears, public officials will determine whether residents and visitors should evacuate. I know many people who reserve a hotel room in Jacksonville early just in case the storm hits. If this is the case, know your evacuation zone , and see what the fast route is off the island on the Jax Ready app.
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After the Storm:
Navigating Hurricane Recovery
In May 2019, the Beaches Watch meeting discussed what homeowners need to do if there home is damaged by a hurricane. The speakers were: Michelle and John Tipton (Jax Beach residents who lost their home in hurricane Matthew), Jim Love (insurance agent), Tasha Carter (Division of Consumer Services in Tallahassee), and Donald Waters (FEMA).
Together, we will make a difference.
Let's prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. Go through this information with your loved ones to be ready for any storm that may impact Jax Beach.
Together, we will get through another Hurricane Season.
Stay safe.
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