How does District 58 communicate
emergency information?
September is National Preparedness Month. District 58’s top priority is the safety of our students, staff and visitors. In honor of Preparedness Month, District 58 will share important safety information with parents and staff in a five-part District 58 Emergency Preparedness communication series this week.

Today, we will explore: How does District 58 communicate emergency information?
During a crisis situation, District 58’s top priority is student, staff and visitor safety. The District works closely with the Police and Fire departments, and it takes time to gather and confirm accurate information.

District 58 will communicate crisis information to parents as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!
For smaller crisis situations, District 58 or the school will email parents information.

For larger crisis situations, or emergencies requiring parents' immediate response (i.e. early dismissal), District 58 or the school will send parents an email, robocall and text message. Parents must opt in to receive a text message. Opt in by texting YES to 68453 .

Depending on the situation, District 58 will also post updates on social media.
The District aims to provide parents as much detail and transparency as possible in our crisis communications. However, by law, school districts cannot release confidential information and information that could compromise an investigation.
If you receive an emergency message from your school or the District that does not provide details, it is likely because additional information cannot be shared. District 58 realizes that parents are on high alert when situations arise. District 58 and/or your school will share as much information as possible in any given situation. Thank you for your understanding and support!
There are occasions when emergency responders may visit your child's school that do not require a parent email. For example, our Police and Fire departments regularly visit schools to teach students lessons on safety.

If you see emergency responders at your child's school, please do not jump to conclusions or speculate. Your school or the District will contact you if there is a safety issue. If you have questions about something you've observed, please contact your child's school to get the facts and refrain from spreading rumors. Please be patient: in true emergencies it takes time to verify and coordinate information with emergency responders!
Thank you for reading our District 58 emergency preparedness series!
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