Dear Friend,

Animal Rescue Corps has received an urgent call for help from law enforcement in Carroll County, Tennessee: 27 dogs living in the unlivable.

I'm on the ground with ARC's Field Team now, and it's bad. The home is filled with packed-down animal waste, high levels of ammonia, and dangerous clutter. The dogs are underweight. Many have eye ulcers and untreated injuries, most have matting. At least three are likely to be pregnant. They have all been surrendered to Animal Rescue Corps.

We named this dog Berty White (below) in memory of what would have been the late and beloved actress' 100th birthday and the Betty White Challenge today -- his fur hides his gaunt body. He follows me around the house, almost as if he's afraid to hope that someone might be here to help him.

This is Operation Infinite Hope, falling on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the Betty White Challenge. I could really use your help for these 27 dogs today, especially on the heels of Thursday's rescue.

Heartbreakingly, some of these dogs here have even been living in the dark, cold, muddy crawlspace under the house -- like Marty.

If you are in a position to chip in with a gift, you will provide Berty White, Marty, and the others with urgent medical, physical, and emotional care in the safety and warmth of ARC's Rescue Operation Center today, and help all ARC's work to help animals like Berty.

One of the most beautiful gifts I know.

For Berty and the rest,

Tim Woodward 
Executive Director
Animal Rescue Corps
PS: These dogs deserve so much better, and I can't think of a better way to spend Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the viral Betty White Challenge today than helping them.

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