Natural disasters seem to be occurring more frequently, and are increasing in destruction.

They humble us, and they can cripple us.
But they also give us the opportunity to join together and create hope . They level the playing field, figuratively and literally, allowing people of all backgrounds to unite .

If you have felt called to help during these crisis conditions, but didn’t know how to best serve as a Massage Therapist, AMTA-IN has an incredible opportunity that will provide you with training to be an integral part of disaster relief.

As a CMT, you’re already fantastic at making a difference and changing lives every day. Now you can do it on a much larger scale.
Have you been waiting for an opportunity to learn how you can help in the event of Natural Disaster or emergency?

AMTA-IN has been invited to send committed and interested members to a training session where they will learn how to be an integral part of the disaster relief program, using their valuable skills to help 1st responders. If you are interested in being a volunteer:

*February 2nd (volunteer training) 1 day only
*February 3rd (team leader training) must attend both days

Each day of class is ONLY $25 (+ hotel + transportation + food)

Jasper, Tennessee (near Chattanooga) (6hr drive from Indy)

The AMTA-IN Board is very passionate about having members from IN be a part of this National group of Volunteers and have decided that if a member is willing to step up to be the Community Service/Emergency Response Chair Person they will cover ALL OF THESE COST (Class+miles+hotel) of this training session!!! Find more information about this Chair Volunteer position on our Facebook page, or by contacting :

We would greatly appreciate your participation so that IN can be represented in this unifying effort between TN-GA-NC-SC. Please click below and let us know you would like to attend as a volunteer, or as our newest Chair Member.

Thank you so much!
Interested in participating in the training?