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eUpdate - October 17, 2017

Resources to Help Prepare for a Disaster  
North Bay fires remind us of the importance of preparation.
As we send heartfelt best wishes and condolences to those affected by the North Bay fires, and honor all first responders for their amazing work, this is also a time for us to do all we can to prepare for a disaster. 
The devastating fires are a tragic reminder of how vulnerable most places are to disaster, including here in Contra Costa County. Fire season isn't over, and, as we know, earthquakes can hit at anytime. 

I've long advocated for emergency preparedness to help protect our families and homes, since a few steps might make a big difference, saving lives. I also know how easy it is to feel too busy to stay prepared.

Fortunately, there are many great resources with helpful emergency preparedness information. I've compiled a list below, including some new tips worth reviewing. 

This is also a good time to make sure we're registered with the Contra Costa County Emergency Warning System, which sends voice, text and email alerts for natural disasters as well as industrial or refinery incidents. 

To register click HERE: and follow the prompts. 

Emergency alert telephone calls automatically go out on landline phones in an affected area, without the need to register. Register to receive alerts on your cell phone or via email.

Some new preparedness resources are available via smart phone apps. Here's a link to a recent San Jose Mercury News review of some of them. 

Useful web links for emergency preparedness.
Contra Costa also has a community warning siren system ( Community Awareness and Emergency Response or CAER) that's activated during emergencies in affected areas, and designed to operate even when phone lines or cell towers are down. 

We also have has an extensive  CERT program, or community emergency response teams, where volunteer residents are trained to assist in emergencies. There are CERT teams throughout Contra Costa in cities and unincorporated communities. Check with your city for more, or look at the County's CERT website. 

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