Dear Friend,

I'm in Arkansas with ARC's Field Team, city officials, and other animal rescue partners at a terrible scene. 280+ dogs and around 50 cats have been living in filth and neglect.

Animals are dying alone and on the filthy floor inside this place. Volunteers have found their bodies. Most of the cats are sick -- some live in small crates, some live loose inside (and behind the walls), some live loose outdoors, some are co-housed with large dogs separated only by a thin wire fence. We expect to find more loose cats as the day goes on. Many of the dogs and cats have been here for years on end. There are dead rats and feces everywhere.

The local police chief said, "There were several animals that had injuries, lacerations to their bodies. Just a horrendous crime scene at this location."
And the part that gets me really mad? This crime scene -- this was supposed to be a humane society.

This was supposed to be a safe and caring place. Homeless animals came here, sometimes even pulled here from other shelters, supposedly to find care.

Instead, they found themselves in a place described by the police chief as "total abuse."

The director of the Humane Society of the Delta has been arrested and charged on 285 felony counts of animal cruelty.

River is terrified, living in a too-small crate in a dirty and noisy space where cats and dogs are stacked on top of one another.

Everywhere I turn, there are sick and untreated animals. Pebbles is just one of the many who are suffering and in need of medical attention.

Together, let's give these dogs and cats the rescue, care, and fresh start that they have always deserved. Starting today.
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For River, Pebbles, and all the rest,

Tim Woodward 
Executive Director
Animal Rescue Corps
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