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"It always seems impossible until it's done."
- Nelson Mandela 
Exciting Video Marketing Trends Emerge in 2017
As 2016 draws to a close, Maslow Media Group has tallied another incredible year of providing clients with essential production services, payroll, staffing and booking camera crews in exciting video shoots worldwide. 
We have also kept a keen eye trained on new industry developments.

From the onslaught of virtual reality to new strides in infotainment, video apps, and more, the industry is percolating with innovation in ways it never has before.

Chauncey Manson, Linda Maslow, and Nick Tsahalis at the CMMA conference in Memphis, TN.

Maslow Media Group Helps CMMA Celebrate Its 70th Year 

The 2016 Communications Media Management Association (CMMA) National Conference was held Oct. 22-25 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN, and Maslow Media Group was there to help celebrate the organization's 70th year.

In addition to fascinating leadership stories, the event featured interactive discussions and case studies on management, technology, and the ever-changing media landscape.

Robert Swan, the first man to walk both the North and South Pole, and whose efforts to keep Antarctica free of exploitation were documented by TED Talks, presented the keynote address, "Leadership in Media."
About Robert Swan
Robert Swan is a polar explorer, environmentalist, and the first man ever to walk unsupported to both the North and South poles. He is an excellent communicator and considered one of the world's top motivational speakers. He compares his icy experiences to boardroom maneuvers and his inspirational addresses have received the acclaim of audiences worldwide.

About CMMA 
The Communications Media Management Association ( CMMA ) is the premier professional organization for people who manage the creation, distribution and utilization of communications media for corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, and educational institutions.  CMMA 's core purpose is to promote professional development through the sharing of ideas, experience, and media technology. Visit www.cmma.org.  
MMG Executive Search 
MMG takes pride in its Executive Search Division. We specialize in Corporate Media Managers, Executives in Charge of Production, and all levels of creative and technical production talent below the line. We have been doing this since 1988 and we know where to find these professionals when you need one.

Overtime Rule On Deck: Is Your Company Compliant? 

With a Dec. 1, 2016 deadline looming, many employers are scrambling to prepare for the Department of Labor's new overtime rule, which will double the salary threshold required for overtime pay.

The rule, which is currently being contested by 21 different states, will ultimately result in a reclassification of numerous employees and will require diligent evaluation of payroll and timekeeping processes in order to remain compliant.

If you have questions about compliance, Maslow Media Group has answers. We were named a Top 5 Payroll Company by The Hollywood Reporter, and are committed to staying on top of new compliance laws and regulations, including ACA, mandated sick leave, and more.

Giving Thanks

Maslow Media Group extends our deepest appreciation to our incomparable clients and truly gifted freelancers.

Thank you for all you have done to make MMG what it is today.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Where in the World

MMG books crews worldwide. See below for locations we have recently booked:
  • Australia   (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra)
  • Belgium  (Dusseldorf, Antwerp, Brussels)
  • Bosnia
  • Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sau Paulo, Caetite, Extrema)
  • Canada
  • Capetown South Africa 
  • China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing)
  • Chile (Santiago, Easter Island)
  • Dominican Republic (Punta Cana, other locations)
  • Finland 
  • France (Paris, other locations)
  • Germany 
  • Hungary 
  • India (Bangladore)
  • Ireland (Dublin, Belfast areas)
  • Italy (Rome, Milan)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • The Netherlands
  • Nigeria  (Lagos)
  • Peru (Lima)
  • Poland (Gdansk)
  • Romania
  • Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg)
  • Rwanda
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Slovakia (Bratislava)
  • South Africa  (Caledon)
  • Spain (Cabena, Madrid)
  • Sri Lanka 
  • Switzerland (Morges)
  • Turkey (Dogubeyazit)
  • Ukraine (Kiev)
  • United Kingdom (London and suburbs)

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