MySite PIN & Re-set Instructions
If your PIN isn't working, try your month & day of birth in a 4-digit format.

Still not working? CLICK HERE TO RESET YOUR PIN.

  • MMDD is Month & Day of Birth in a 4-digit format; the most common PIN.

  • Example: A January 5 birthday would be 0105. (Birth year is NOT included.)

  • MMDD is the PIN assigned when students submit a PAPER APPLICATION.

  • When students apply ONLINE, they choose their own 4-digit PIN.

  • If you get a "Contact Administrator" prompt when re-setting your PIN, contact the Admissions Office at (949) 582-4555 or email them at to clear your account. (Only the Admissions Office can re-set an account.)

  • REMEMBER: If your PIN isn't working, RE-SET IT!
Always Read the Registration
"CHECKOUT - Fees Summary" Page Carefully!

You Must Click "NO" to Avoid Paying Them


ASB STAMP: $10 (ten dollars)
This is an OPTIONAL FEE for student discounts. (click the "i" next to the fee for info)
This fee automatically defaults to "YES." If you DON'T want to pay it, you MUST click "NO", otherwise you will be charged for it.

STUDENT REPRESENTATION FEE $2 (two dollars) (click the "i" next to the fee for info)
This is an OPTIONAL "Student Representation Fee" for California Community College Students, per California Educational Code 76060.5 (CLICK for Fee Page)
This fee automatically defaults to "YES." If you DON'T want to pay it, you MUST click "NO", otherwise you will be charged for it.


Summer Session Class Updates
  • REGISTRATION: Summer Session Registration Dates begin November 16 - 20. Check your appointment in MySite HERE. Instructions to Find Your Appointment HERE.

  • SPRING SEMESTER: January 19 - May 26

  • ALL ONLINE: All Summer 2021 Emeritus Classes will be ONLINE via CANVAS and will be ASYNCHRONOUS.

  • NO PRINTED SCHEDULES: Due to the stay-at-home status we're all experiencing, and to conserve precious funding, the Emeritus Summer Class Schedule will NOT be available in print form.

  • ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE (Fitness Classes are under "HEALTH.")

  • TIME CONFLICTS: There will be NO TIME CONFLICTS since all summer classes will be asynchronous.

  • CLASS ENROLLMENT CAPS: Even though Summer Classes are taught online, each course will have a capped number of students who can enroll in it. For this reason, be sure to register EARLY as classes without enough students enrolled will be cancelled. SEE THE "WE GET ASKED" SECTION AT BOTTOM.

  • DON'T GET DROPPED: Students who are not participating in an online class, CAN be dropped by instructors to make room for waitlisted students trying to get in. Please check with your instructor for participation details.

  • NO MATERIALS FEES: There will be NO Materials Fees for classes since materials cannot be disseminated.
Registration Assistance Available
3 Different Ways!
If you are new to registering online or want a refresher...

#1) Use the clear, step-by-step directions - CLICK HERE to view or print.
  • Read a step, do it, read a step, do it, through STEP 12.
  • Follow these steps carefully all the way through registration.
  • Remember, you aren't registered unless you complete STEP 12 and see your class(es) listed on the "Registration Confirmation" screen at the end.

#2) Have a "COMPUTER BUDDY" register for you.
  • A Computer Buddy can be a friend, neighbor, relative or classmate.
  • CLICK HERE for a handy form to complete & give to a Computer Buddy.
  • You can also BE a Computer Buddy to someone who needs help!

#3) The Admissions Office can help with a specific registration question or a specific registration step. Reach them at (949) 582-4555, email at OR LIVE CHAT (M-F 3-5 pm only) with the Admissions Office for help with a registration step. Mon-Thur 9:00am-6:00pm; Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

NOTE: The Admissions Office CANNOT "walk" students through
the registration steps and CANNOT register for students.

Don't wait to register!
Online courses do have class maximums, and they will fill up.

Due to the current COVID-19 conditions, limited staffing,
and the FERPA Federal Privacy Law,
the following registration assistance will NOT be available:

  • Emeritus Staff, Admissions & Records Staff, and Student Technical Support Staff CANNOT "walk" students through registration over the phone due to very limited staffing.

  • Staff are NOT allowed to register for students due to the FERPA Federal Privacy Law.

Thank you for your understanding.
Waitlist News
Accepting an Open Seat for a Waitlisted Class is Easy!
Here's How! Students will have the ability to use their mobile device (cell phone, tablet, laptop) to be notified of and accept a newly-opened seat they're waitlisted for. Then students can log into MySite to register for the class using the APC number they've been sent. Notification will be via email, unless you opt-in for text messages and provide your cell phone number.
(See 3rd question under "Notifications" in the "CLICK HERE" link below.)

If a class is already full, what should I do? Be sure to put yourself on the waitlist, an option that will pop up on your screen when you're prompted that the class is full. Instructors will only add students to classes IF they are on the on the waitlist.

CLICK HERE for the WAITLIST GUIDE that will answer all your questions!
Emeritus Student Application
Applications can be mailed via U.S. Mail to the address at the top of the form,
but will take longer to process.

There is also a more lengthy, two-part, online college application HERE.
If using this electronic application, be sure to choose
"EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT" as your Education Goal.

RETURNING STUDENT: Has NOT been enrolled in a class in two long semesters (Spring 2020 and Fall 2020) or more. A new student application IS required.

NEW STUDENT: Has NEVER been enrolled in a Saddleback or Irvine Valley College class.
A student application IS required.

CURRENT STUDENT: HAS been enrolled in a class in one of the last two long semesters - Spring 2020 or Fall 2020. A student application is NOT required.
Did You Know?
is the browser that's most compatible with Saddleback College applications, including REGISTRATION, CANVAS, etc.

Google CHROME is free. CLICK HERE to download.
Why are There Class Caps on Online Courses?
  • First and foremost, online class quality and integrity are closely-monitored by the State of California for the purpose of accreditation standards.

  • Online classes are not "static." Students don't just view classes. They email their instructors with questions, requests, clarifications, etc. and the instructors email them back. The more students enrolled in a class, the more email communication time is required of an instructor.

  • Instructors' time must be a balance of research, creation of class content, class preparation, teaching the class, maintaining email communications with students, as well as a large number of administrative duties. Thus, class caps are necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of all classes, including online classes.

  • Class caps for online classes are essential in providing enrolled students the first-rate learning experience that the Emeritus Institute delivers.

These are just some of the reasons class caps are vital
to the online learning experience!
From All of Us at the Emeritus Institute to YOU...

We're excited to offer a wide array of online courses that are
mental-stimulating, academically rigorous, health improving, socially engaging,
tuition-free, zero credit classes.