An Announcement We're Happy & Proud to Share!
Congratulations to
The 2020 Emeritus Institute Associate Faculty of the Year!

Mr. Meyerson has taught
"Improving Investment Performance" and "Managing Bonds & Stocks"
for the Emeritus Institute since 1980.
Thank you for your dedication
and hard work, Richard.
Your students and colleagues
salute you as you receive
this well-deserved honor!


“Richard Myerson is a master instructor. He has a passion for the subject matter and encourages class participation."

“Fabulous teacher with an obvious wealth of knowledge. Has already made a significant impact on how I will invest. This a subject I was poorly informed on and he has helped to break the subject down."

“Richard is the best teacher I have ever had in my entire life, including Graduate School at USC. He is very knowledgeable of his subjects and entertaining. We are lucky to have him in the Emeritus program.”

“Mr. Meyerson offers a contemporary, up-to-date modern approach for today’s investing environment."

"Richard Meyerson has greatly influenced my thinking of investing in the future with his lecture and knowledge. I am a student of his forever."

"Lovely sense of humor. He is very prepared and thoroughly knowledgeable. Works hard to stay on top of the information. Creates and distributes helpful self-created documents. Very grateful for his commitment to his students."

“Mr. Meyerson is an extraordinary teacher. I have rarely met a teacher as knowledgeable as him and one that cares so much about the welfare of his students. He goes above and beyond. I personally have significantly improved my knowledge of investing. It has changed my life."

"I am a successful investor because of Richard Meyerson."

In Celebration of Spring...

Enjoy a Tour of the Breathtaking Keukenhof
The World's Most
Beautiful Spring Garden
Lisse, Netherlands

Tiptoe through the tulips and other gorgeous spring flowers!

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What will your story be?
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The Dorothy Marie Lowry Distinguished Guest Lecture Series
You Can Still Enjoy These
April Lectures by Enrolling NOW!
Enroll in Ticket # 17725
Enroll Before APRIL 15
to Explore These
New Topics →
Vincent Van Gogh:
The Man and the Myth
Mr. David Plouffe
A Rock & Roll History of Orange County
Mr. Jim Washburn
History of the Beatles
and Their Impact
on Society
Mr. Tim Piper
Less Vitae, More Vision: How the Tech Industry Changed Leadership & Will Change Education
Dr. Elliot Stern
in the
21st Century
Mr. Dickson Louis
Breast Cancer Photojournalism • Orange County Past, Present, Future
CLICK for an IMDB preview of The Life Ahead.
From the Emeritus Institute's YouTube Channel
We Invite You to Be Our Guest for...

A Webinar Interview with
Film Director Edoardo Ponti

CLICK HERE to enjoy this insightful conversation as Saddleback College film, creative writing and theater instructors talk with Mr. Ponti, the son of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. Taped earlier, the discussion centers around Mr. Ponti's recent
award-winning film, The Life Ahead,
as well as his professional and educational background. Learn more about one of the film industry's most engaging and entertaining professionals!
Calling All Photographers!

A Juried Photography Show

The Council on Aging invites professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to share their visions and unique interpretation of the aging experience. Submissions may characterize what a long life means to you, from thriving lifestyles to the harsher realities of aging. 

Selected photographs will be displayed online and at special showings including Santa Ana's Bowers Museum, Newport Beach Public Central Library,
Ontario International Airport (new in 2021).
Cash prizes / Submission entry fees / Photo Submission Deadline is May 31, 2021
For Contest Details and More Information
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