We are proud to announce 
Emilio Estefan
as Celebrity Chair of
the New Beginnings Fund
 Emilio Estefan and Eduardo Marturet conducting the Miami Symphony Orchestra at the Performance Series of the Miami Design District
Miami, September 11th, 2020 - The Miami Symphony Orchestra, under the leadership of Eduardo Marturet, Music Director and Conductor, is taking bold steps to develop new programs and performances designed to bring us all closer together, provide opportunities to our youth, and fill us with hope for a brighter future.
To this end, MISO has created the New Beginnings Fund. This fund will serve as a base of financial support to help the organization get through the Covid-19 crisis period, and to fund their bold new initiatives and innovative plans for the coming months and beyond.
MISO is proud to announce that Emilio Estefan has offered to lead the New Beginnings Fund as Celebrity Chair and is honored to join the effort – we couldn’t be more thrilled!

“In the face of adversity, there is opportunity. Now, perhaps more than ever before in the history of our country, we are faced with striking new challenges almost daily. This is daunting in many ways, but it also has the power to inspire people to stand up for causes they truly believe in. We have been awed by seeing people step forward in magnificent ways during these unprecedented times.

Let’s make this our opportunity to do something together that will have a meaningful impact on our beloved Miami and the people we call our neighbors and friends. So, come on and…Get on Your Feet!”        

Emilio Estefan – Celebrity Chair
The New Beginnings Fund

“Emilio and Gloria have been great friends and supporters of MISO over the past years. With their support, we can continue to create the exceptional performances that engage, entertain, and stimulate audiences, while fostering their connections to live orchestral music, to each other, and the world around them.” 

Eduardo Marturet – Music Director and Conductor
The Miami Symphony Orchestra

MISO has worked very hard to position itself as an organization committed to the city of Miami and now, we are taking exciting new steps toward making history. The New Beginnings Fund will further our efforts by serving as a foundation for spreading unity through the power of music and developing future talent in the area of music and arts – all while engaging the citizens of this vibrant city and its constantly evolving cultural scene.

Stay tuned for more updates to come regarding the New Beginnings Fund and how you can get involved, but we wanted you to be the first to know about this exciting news!
Please join us in building a New Beginning!

By contributing, you’ll become a Founding Member of the New Beginnings Fund and help us keep the music alive now, and for another 31 seasons!

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!
An extraordinary MISO Live Premiere you can't miss!



Produced by Emilio Estefan in collaboration with
the Miami Symphony Orchestra

Eduardo Marturet - Conductor

6:00 PM

With special performances by:

Emily Estefan
Ed Calle
Martina Travieso
Isabella Castillo
Young Arts Alumnae Grace Weber and Ashley Tamar Davis
Brandon Goldberg
Veritas Vocal Ensemble
Angie Green
Haven Star
Fernando Varela
Hansel de Munoz
Madeline Laine
Jon Blond
Manu Manzo
Donna Allen
Stuart Webb
Lena Burke 

Rudy Pérez - Classical-Crossover Director

Performing works by: Calle, Hawkins, Styne, Goldberg, Legend, Ravel Bacharach/Pérez, Rogers, Estefan, Flack, Frankling, Barreto, Elgar, De Vita, Marturet, La Calle and Miller.
Music Education Program José A. Abreu
A few days ago, the Miami Symphony Orchestra announced its new partnership with “El Sistema” from Venezuela, to create a new and innovative music educational platform never seen before in South Florida. Eduardo Marturet, Music Director and Conductor from MISO, and the family of the late and loved Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, along with Eduardo Méndez, Executive Director of El Sistema from Venezuela, decided to name the program: “EL SISTEMA - MISO Music Education Program José A. Abreu” honoring the creator of one of the most innovative and effective learning programs in the history of music.
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The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO), now in its historic 31st season, is Miami's hometown professional symphony and a valuable contributor to Miami's cultural fabric. With 80 professional musicians selected from around the world, MISO represents the exceptional talent and diversity that mirrors South Florida's international and multicultural richness. With national and world premieres becoming more common, MISO is a source of growing local pride and support.

Founded in 1989 by the late Manuel Ochoa, since 2006 the baton has been in the hands of Eduardo Marturet, a Venezuelan composer and conductor acclaimed across three continents. During his 15 year tenure Maestro Marturet has taken MISO into the world-class professional symphony of Miami. He states that "ultimately MISO belongs to the community, and our job is to raise the artistic level each and every year. Because of our loyal fans and supporters, our future looks bright as the glow of the great city of Miami."