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#December 2020
What a thought, God dwelling with humankind! I’ve always wondered what it must have been like for Mary (a human with a sinful nature) to be the mother of Jesus (God in the flesh who is without sin). What an honor to be chosen, yet what a scary honor it must have been, too. However, all around us today, we have evidence that God is with us even when we can’t physically see Him.

Even though it is slow going, our church is growing. This past month we added three members to our church family. We are so happy to have them as an active part of our spiritual family.

We love our local Church and our extended Croatian church family, as well. This month Mario was asked to be a guest speaker at Metanoia Bible School, located here in Zagreb. It was a wonderful opportunity to impress upon those students the truths of God’s Word that he has learned and received over time.

Despite these unsure times and restrictions that change from week to week, Mario and his leadership team from Operation Christmas Child have done their best to continue preparing for various evangelistic outreaches. Training that was supposed to be held in our church facility in person had to be moved online at the last minute. But good news is that the shoeboxes arrived in Croatia last week, and evangelistic events and distribution is still being planned as normal. Please be in prayer for us. God knows who is in need, spiritually and physically; and it is our heart and deepest desire to be the hands of the Father and minister to those needs.
> New members added to our church
> Our church has been allowed to stay open despite the new restrictions
> We have moved into our new home

Our worship album is officially online for purchase. You can listen to it on Spotify and purchase it on iTunes and on Amazon Music.

So, if you haven’t, jump over to one of those sites and get your copy today and remember that 100% of the proceeds from this CD will be donated toward the purchase of our church's facilities.

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, you are probably already aware that we have finally moved into our new home. This is in and of itself is a miracle of God, and we are so, so grateful for his provision. However, as is to be expected when you buy an older home, we have uncovered several issues that require immediate repair. In Croatia realtors are not required to have homes inspected before selling them. Before we moved in, as we began painting and doing some small repairs we came across some electrical and installation issues that God miraculously provided for, however, as we began living here, some other plumbing and heating issues have arisen of which we were not made aware before purchasing. Our hope is to complete these repairs before Christmas so that we can get completely moved in (Divna and Filip are currently sleeping on the floor in the kitchen and living room). Would you please stand in prayer with us? One way that we KNOW that God is with us, is that he has given us miracle after miracle as far as this house is concerned. He is an AMAZING God! 
> For hearts to be drawn to Jesus during the OCC outreaches
> That our church doors would remain open
> Finances to complete the repairs on our home
Our three older children who are enrolled in Croatian trade school (Filip, Luka and Divna) have officially been moved to online school since all the schools in this area have gone online again because of Covid- 19. This is actually a relief. Even though it is more difficult on the students (because our school system is not equipped in the best way for online schooling) it is definitely better than students having to go into self-isolation for 10 days every other week because someone in their class tests positive.

Filip has been recording yet another movie, and Divna is working with him as one of his actresses. He is hoping to be finished recording by Christmas, and then he will have a lot of editing work to do. This movie will double as a movie for his film club (be entered into various festivals, ect.) and as his senior thesis. Luka has done some amazing work in web design. He even designed No Compromise’s website

Vjera’s dance team has had to stop training as apart of the new restrictions, but she has continued to practice her guitar and has started playing piano again (out of boredom, she says).

All in all, our family is doing well; and we are so thankful for you, your support of our ministry, and each way in which we have seen this year that “God Is with Us”.

Merry Christmas to you and a happy, blessed New 2021!
Mario & Bonnie Ducic
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach