Emmanuel Voices
The Spirit of Christmas Present
Advent Project for Children & Youth
Greetings Emmanuel Parents!! 
Let me introduce you to an Advent season creative project for children and youth. After reading this, I hope you will share it with them and see if they would like to participate. 
This Emmanuel Voices blog series, The Spirit of Christmas Present, will feature the younger artists and writers from our community. A post will go up daily starting December 1st for 24 days -- like an Advent calendar. 
Each post will reflect/illustrate meaningful memories of a Christmas past both secular or sacred, with family, friends, school, or church. They can be funny, thoughtful, joyful or sad. They can include the characters found around your holiday table. They can share unique and homegrown traditions, a rundown of favorite Christmas carols, a Christmas pageant gone wrong, or a story about presents you were surprised to find under the tree. Or something I have not thought of here!
Each post can conclude with a sentence or two about hopes for this year's โ€œChristmas Present.โ€
Written posts can be any length but shorter is better. (As short as a paragraph or as long as two pages.)
Drawings, photos, music, video, poetry, stories, humor are all welcome. 
The posts go out beyond our Emmanuel community so for privacy we can use just first names for young authors if you prefer. 
I am happy to offer any coaching or support your young bloggers might need. 
Please, reply soon so I can get sufficient bloggers lined up. If we get more than 24, I can double up posts on any day. 
Since the posts will go up each day in December, ideally I would like to receive them by November 30. You can email them to me here.
And to sweeten the deal each blogger will receive a tiny Christmas gift from me!