Emmanuel's Spring News

New Dining Hall Opened

All of us at Emmanuel would like to say thank you for the donation of time and resources that went in to the opening of our new dining hall. Meals kicked off on February 19th, and we can now feed all the children at one time and under the same roof.  Everybody can sit comfortably, and we have plenty of room to grow.  The dining room is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and a team dedicated to cooking and serving delicious food.  What a blessing! This new addition has significantly improved the logistics of meal times and, most importantly, given us a great sense of togetherness and family while we eat.


We are especially proud of our youth who committed themselves to Christ in a baptismal ceremony with our February team.  We are so excited to watch them grow in faith and be a light for their peers, both inside the gates of Emmanuel and to the rest of Honduras.

New School Year

We consider it a great blessing to have extra time to spend with the children during their break from school.  We are also excited to guide them through a new school year when the time comes.  Classes began February 2nd, and the children are very eager to learn new things and face new challenges.  Please pray for their perseverance and dedication as they pursue their education.

Three-Man Swing
 The Snowbird Team visited us in December and blessed the children with their adventurous, fun-loving, and Gospel-centered spirit. They built and installed a "Three-Man", which is a giant swing that safely allows three children at a time to swing as high as 60 feet. The older kids had a blast trying it out, and it has been a great addition to the zip-line they installed the previous December. 

Prayer Request

As many of you know, Emmanuel leadership has spent the last eight years working with the various elected officials in the Honduran government and managers of the power company on a plan to receive power at a reduced rate.  Based on various promises and advice from government officials we delayed paying the power bills and have been accumulating an account of charges for usage.


During the last week of February we were informed that unless we began paying and entered into a payment agreement, all power would be disconnected.  Needless to say, this is disappointing as well as expensive.  We will continue to work with the Honduran officials and pray that the Lord will work out the reduced rate for our power needs.  However, since we cannot function without power, we have entered into a payment plan with the power company.  Beginning immediately we will be paying the Honduran Electric Company for actual usage plus $10,000 per month to get our balance paid.  


We are thankful that the current Honduran administration has already done more than any other to help.  The Emmanuel leadership and board have been dealing with this issue and its possible impact for many years.  They have been strategic with the use of funds and will not allow this most recent action to impact the care of the children.  We covet your prayers during this process.

A Reminder to our Supporters and Friends
Please remember that all 
sponsor payments, financial gifts, or other monies should be sent to the following address:

715 Moores Mill Drive
Auburn, AL 36830

All correspondence with children (including letters and packages) should be clearly marked with children's full names and ID numbers and sent to this address:

Dr. Don Reynolds
4611 Hixson Pike
Hixson, TN 37343
If you move to a new address during the year, please remember to
inform us at emmanuelhonduras@gmail.com so that we can update our records accordingly.
Thank you for your continued support of Orphanage Emmanuel!