A Quick Emmy Reminder from NATAS Lower Great Lakes Chapter .


Bob Hammer
John Stealey
Only a Few Days left to enter.
FEB 1 Deadline! 
Make sure your colleagues' have applied for a membership or renewed their membership BEFORE you add their name or they will be charged the non-member rate!

A Quick Note on Uploads:
What video formats can I upload?
There are many different video containers, codecs and formats out there. These add up to literally thousands of different combinations. While we do our best to support as many formats as possible, we simply cannot ensure that any uploaded video will work.
Supported formats
Here is a list of video formats we do support:
  • MOV (Sorenson Video 3, H263, H264, animation)
  • MPEG4 (mp4, 3ivx, DivX, Xvid, H264)
  • FLV (VP6 and Sorenson Spark)
  • DV and DVCPro
  • 3GP (mobile phones)
  • MPEG1 and MPEG2
  • AVI (Indeo, Cinepak, Motion JPEG, MPEG)
  • F4V (H264)
Since we use the FFMPEG framework for transcoding videos, all other formats supported by FFMPEG can be uploaded too.
Not supported
A few formats we occasionally encounter, but NOT supported are:
  • Quicktime (MOV) files that use the Apple ProRes codec (part of Final Cut). This codec also produces extremely large files. We advise to do a rough export from Final Cut Pro.
  • Quicktime (MOV) files that actually only contain a raw DV stream (some DV cameras export these). Export these files using either raw DV or H264/AAC Quicktime.
  • Quicktime (MOV) files with 24-bit audio.
  • DRM protected files from Microsoft (WMV) or the iTunes Store (M4V, MOV).
  • CSS encrypted DVD images (VOB).
  • WMV videos using the MSS2 video codec (for screencasting)

Important dates:
Feb. 1 - Entry Deadline
Feb. 8 - Deadline to Upload Entry Video - NO Exceptions - NO Refunds
Apr. 28 - Nominations Announced
June 18 - Emmy® Awards Gala, Sandusky, Ohio
Call for Entries, Categories, Emmy® Express Entry Form and More Information:  www.nataslgl.org awards page
Questions: Contact Bob Hammer, 440-503-2121 EmmyAwards@nataslgl.org