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Ali Ghanbari
Alison Momeyer
Amy Cummings
Amy Howell
Andrew Asmus
Anne Glausser
Anthony Knopps
Barney Woods
Beth McLeod
Bill Loomer
Bill McMillen
Bob Segall
Brian Paul
Caitlin Madill
Carl Monday
Chris Wilson
Christina Williams
Christopher Flanagan
Chrys Peterson
Dan Edwards
Daniel Sevic
Danielle Cotterman
Dave Fulton
David Kuznicki
Derek Steyer
Donald Boggs
Gabe Spiegel
Gary Harrison
Gene Winters
Heather Hunt
Jackie Zabielski
James Dickinson
Jason Joliff
Jen Picciano
Jennie Runevitch
Jennifer Boresz
Jennifer Jordan
Jerry Anderson
Jill Glavan
Jim Blue
John Mikulas
John Stealey
Jonathan Walsh
Joshua Love
Kara Kenney
Karen Hensel
Kate Keller
Kay Colby
Kelly Woodward
Kerri Cavanaugh
Kevin Morrissey
Kim Jacobs
Krista Pennie Myers
Kristen Kirchhaine
Kyle Travers
Leah Haslage
Lee Conklin
Leigh Littiken
Leo Simone
Luis Navarro
Lynn Olszowy
Lynna Lai
Matt Donahue
Matt Stone
Matthew Hill
Melissa Reid
Mill McMillen
Mitch Davis
Nathan Wilson
Nina Koehler
Peggy Sinkovich
Rafael Sanchez
Raven Taylor
Ron Regan
Sandra Chapman
Seth Keever
Shannon Cagle Dawson
Shaun Hegarty
Staci Vincent
Stephanie Jarvis
Steve Andress
Steve Rhodes
Steve Warren
Susan Batt
Susanne Schwibs
Ted Linn
Teresa Mackin
Tom Farmer
Tom Meyer
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Tracie Hotopp
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We still need volunteers to help complete our final round of judging for the Chicago / Midwest and Lone Star chapters.  Contact Bob Hammer to offer your assistance in judging one or more of the categories listed below:

EmmyAwards@nataslgl.org or phone/text 440-503-2121

Note: Peer Judges must have at least 2 years experience in the category which they are judging.

If you have already been assigned a category, click here for judging access.

CATEGORY (Most categories take less than an hour to judge:)
01b - Newscast - Evening - Smaller Markets (51+) * Midwest
04C - Newscast - Evening - Smaller Markets (61+) * Lone Star
05a - Serious Feature (Hard News) * Midwest
06j - Religion - News Feature or Series * Midwest
06m - Specialty Assignment Report - News Feature or Series * Midwest
07b - Sports Program - Series * Midwest
08a - Documentary - Cultural * Midwest
18 - Education/Schools - News Single Story / Series / Feature * Lone Star
21h - Reporter - Traffic/Transportation * Midwest
22A - Human Interest - News Single Story * Lone Star
24 - Lighting * Midwest
24C - Politics/Government - Program Feature / Segment * Lone Star
26a - Editing - News * Midwest
26c - Editing - Promotions/PSAs/Commercials * Midwest
34A - Magazine Program - Feature / Segment * Lone Star
42D - Editor - News - No Time Limit * Lone Star
47 - Video Journalist * Lone Star

Need help?

Contact Bob Hammer, 440-503-2121  EmmyAwards@nataslgl.org.  


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