Message from the President & CEO
Another month in quarantine; another month to self reflect, learn, adapt or just survive.

Thank you to everyone who read my welcome last month on gratitude and sorrow; a special thank you to those who took the time to email me about it.  

If you follow us on Twitter (@mcetrain) you may have seen the article we posted on the characteristics that define today’s leaders…”empathy, vulnerability, emotional connectedness.” I followed it up with my own thoughts, which I will repeat here and expand on a bit. 

Leaders not showing their own vulnerability right now are probably increasing the stress levels of their employees (as well as their own). How can you not get emotional when people are dying and/or hospitalized and isolated from loved ones? How can you not appreciate the vulnerability frontline workers must be feeling every time they don PPE, assuming they have it? How can you not feel empathy and sadness for the millions of people out of work and for the ones you yourself have had to lay off or terminate?

There is business and then there is the business of people. It is ok to show you care.

“Expressions of emotion are not weaknesses.” David Schiesher, MSW, therapist, Geneva, Switzerland.

“This is about the saddest thing we’ve been through.” Marc Tell, chief executive, The Sam Tell Company, a restaurant supply distributor in New York.

So I ask you, if you cannot show empathy, vulnerability and emotions now, when can, and when will you?

To read the article click on the link to the NY Times

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
1st MCE Webinar Now Online!

We are proud to have had the opportunity to delve into the virtual space to keep our clients engaged with leadership training.

Our first webinar was on “Leadership Resilience & Optimism”, an area of focus requiring a great deal of strength for leaders to manage daily. This webinar is designed to support you and your team with practical strategies for building resilience and optimism with supporting measures for immediate implementation.

Watch the webinar HERE
Coming Face-to-Face With Virtual Learning

We've gone virtual with our training!

Please read our specially prepared statement on our philosophy for taking the best parts of face-to-face training and making it virtual for your teams.

Clients are excited to be able to continue development of leaders within their organizations. We are committed to the same MCE experience you have come to enjoy - just at a safe distance.

Continued Learning Opportunity : eLearn Modules
As a reminder, the MCE eLearn modules from our FRL1 program have been made accessible by all for no cost . Recognizing or reminding yourself of your leadership qualities is a great way to stay sharp, be resolute, and lift others.

We understand that this is a busy time for many employees, but please share with anyone you think will benefit from these modules.
Reach out to the MCE team at any time for comment or assistance with these modules.
For more information about our programs, contact:
Lorraine MacDonald
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