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Emotional Intelligence & Selection/Development
Using the EQ-i2.0 to Find and Develop the Best New Hire!
Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. (CT)
Presented by William Jeffries Ph.D.
Likely you have clients who have hired seemingly well-credentialed individuals only to discover that they did not fit with their organization’s Culture or team. As a result, neither the individual nor the hiring manager was satisfied.
If Emotional Intelligence is as important as we claim, how can we use that information to identify the best candidate and support their development once they are hired? This session will outline a practical approach for using the EQ-i2.0 for this purpose and demonstrate how such a process can be handled professionally, ethically, and creatively. This presentation will address such issues as,
  1. The do’s and don’ts of identifying candidates through instrumentation.
  2. Handling the confidentiality of information.
  3. Providing the candidates’ data to the hiring party.
  4. Making recommendations.
  5. Our success in finding just the right person.
  6. Guidelines for professional and ethical implementation.
Bill will use real life examples to demonstrate how to match organizational Culture with the aspects of a candidate’s EI as captured by the EQ-i2.0. While Executive Strategies International (ESI) specializes in selecting senior managers and C-Suite executives, and uses exclusively the EQ-i2.0 LEADERSHIP Report, their process is equally applicable to the EQ-i2.0 Workplace Report and hiring at any level.
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  • Anyone connected to Crescendo Inc. is welcome to attend. This is a perfect chance to re-connect with the Crescendo EI Community of Practice!
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  • There is NO COST.
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Bill Jeffries
William Jeffries is an International Consultant and Executive Coach who specializes in human and organizational behavior. As President and CEO of Executive Strategies International (ESI), he leads a diverse team of consultants that bring global perspectives to the workplace of the future.
His undergraduate studies at West Point were in engineering and his graduate studies at Duke University were in language, literature, and values. His post graduate work through the University of Heidelberg in Germany was in nuclear technology.
Bill’s clientele includes a Who’s Who of Fortune 500 Companies, professional athletes, senior business, military, and political leaders in over 35 countries. ESI coaches offer team building, diversity education, negotiation skills, culture change, strategic planning, conflict management, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Type, sales mastery, leadership development, and innovation/ creativity training around the world.
Bill has published 10 books on subjects as diverse as Business High Performance, Organizational Change, Professional Ethics, Psychological Type, Emotional Intelligence, Generational issues, Political analysis, the Development of High-Performance Teams, philosophical world views, and Christian apologetics. He is also a fiction writer and has published 4 adventure novels.
When Bill was awarded the prestigious Keeping America Strong Award by William Shatner and Admiral Kevin Delaney, on Shatner’s Heartbeat of America television Special, for his acclaimed success at helping American business recover from the effects of 9-11, Shatner said, “William Jeffries’ influence on organizations of every variety and prominent senior leaders from every possible walk of life extends beyond the USA to countries and cultures around the world.”
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