November 11, 2020
VETERANS DAY: Take a moment to thank a veteran today.
 “For the veteran, thank you for bravely doing what you’re called to do so we can safely do what we’re free to do.” - Unknown
Different feelings (e.g., happiness, sadness, frustration) can be felt at the same time. Election week for students at Rowan University and across the nation resembled a roller coaster of emotions. These ups and downs can make it difficult to complete school tasks like homework or studying for an exam. However, at such a monumental time point in history, it is okay to be focusing on the state of our nation more than ourselves as students.  

This election may have a different significance for all of us. You might be confronted with friends, family members, and others who strongly oppose your views and feelings about the outcome of the election. It can be beyond frustrating to speak with someone with strongly opposing views. Yet, sometimes we must challenge ourselves to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. When interacting with them, try to stay grounded in “I-statements”, keep your tone of voice calm and stable, and practice thoughtfully responding rather than reacting to avoid escalation. Remember that it is ultimately up to you how much you want other people, who share different meanings about this election, in your life. You know yourself and your own limits best!   

So, you may be asking yourself “now what?” or “what’s next?” This specific time can be full of uncertainty. There are many ways to cope with uncertainty, including focusing on what you can control, engaging in meaningful activities, and staying socially connected and active. Finally, remember the campus resources available to you. Contact the Wellness Center at (856)-256-4333 to schedule a telehealth initial consultation. If you’re in crisis,call (856) 256-4911 and ask to speak with the Counselor on Call. Furthermore, do not hesitate or be ashamed of celebrating personal victories. Celebrating everyday situations such as showering, sleeping, and eating a nice meal are just as important to our emotional and physical well-being. Be well.
-Anna M. Stadtmueller, Psy.D., Postdoctoral Fellow at Rowan University Counseling and Psychological Services
-Lauren C. Wallace (she/her/hers), Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. student, Department of Psychology, Rowan University  
Join the University Community for various virtual and in-person events to heighten your well-being and thrive. Also consider the Thriving Through the Election events and celebrate First Generation Celebration Week!

The pandemic has created a world that feels isolated. Often we think we are the only one feeling stressed, anxious, or lonely. But you are not alone.

Each of us may think we're the only one feeling a little stressed this semester. You're not. Our world changed drastically and quickly, and however you're feeling is valid. 

Our annual Student Mental Health Conference looks different this year. Join the Rowan Community as we open the mic for pandemic 15 minute TED-talk style presentations about personal experiences in the COVID-19 world. 

Join us in person in CSC 221 (25 person max/masks required/distancing required) or virtually any time from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The first 25 in-person attendees will receive an HCI t-shirt!
Register for the conference here

During this uncertain time it is important to prioritize caring for ourselves in all aspects. This interactive symposium will cover all aspects of self care to help you prioritize you!

This event is a collaboration between Nutrition Care Club, Exercise is Medicine, National Wellness Institute, Healthy Campus Initiatives, and Gourmet Dining. Speakers and activities will encompass self care regarding physical health, mental health, social health, and nutritional health. Activities include a mindful meditation, a live exercise, and cooking demonstration.
Nutrition Care Club's cooking demo will be utilizing ingredients from Fresh for All that comes to campus every Friday and provides free fresh produce to anyone who attends. Our recipe will be posted on our Instagram on Monday 11/09 so you can cook along with us!

You are more than welcome to come and go as you please!

Do you know of the “Family Friendly Campus Initiative?" Do you know a student who is also a parent or looking to connect with the CCAMPIS (Childcare access means parents in school).  We request the pleasure of your company. It’s all virtual. Tell a friend, grab your lunch, then join us ... 
It will be worth your time!! There is no registration to win a free gift basket, but you must confirm your attendance by emailing Ann Allen, Project Coordinator,

Join SOM Alumni, Dr. John F. Bertagnolli, Jr. '83 and Dr. Rachel Shmuts '09, and Middle School Counselor Jennifer Pasqua, as they explore how to navigate the holidays with and without family in the midst of the pandemic. The panel will discuss how to overcome the challenges and be able to celebrate and enjoy this time of year. The Q&A portion will be facilitated by Jasmin Moustafa Zayed, Student Doctor Class of 2021.
Hillel's 4th Annual Rowan United 11/13 @ 6 p.m. (All individuals are welcome.)

Join Hillel via Webex and participate in activities and engage in meaningful discussion with various multicultural groups. This event will be co-sponsored by Muslim Student Association (MSA). Rowan Hillel promotes Jewish cultural and spiritual values in a social setting. Don't miss out on a great event!

Dr. Jen is one of the most visible physicians in America and she appears in the homes of millions every week on television and in print discussing health topics. 

This is one appointment you won’t want to miss! In the midst of a historic global pandemic, we’ve invited alumna Dr. Jennifer Caudle ’05 to host a virtual discussion about today’s healthcare industry a​s a whole and the best ways to navigate your own health and wellbeing.

Tune in for a brief presentation and special question and answer session as Dr. Jen shares her insights on all things medicine, healthcare, COVID-19 and more!

Each week we invite you to “recharge” yourself through a themed Yoga practice. Sessions will begin with a brief conversation on how we can incorporate the practice of yoga into our daily lives as a way to care for ourselves and our communities. Please join us for a renewing flow featuring a balancing blend of Yin and Yang yoga followed by extended Savasana. Our hope is that you will leave each session feeling supported and a bit more connected to yourself. There will be a small portion of the class dedicated to a written reflection, so please bring a writing utensil. On 11/12: Setting up a mindful morning routine.

You will receive the zoom link once you register through

Career readiness and employability should be a high priority regardless of your status as a first year student, graduating student, or graduate student. Although Covid-19 may have impacted traditional internships, there are still opportunities for students to seek real world work experiences.

Students graduating with internship experiences, in general, are more likely than students without those experiences to find employment upon graduation (NACE)

Join the Office of Career Advancement and the Center for Professional Success in best methods to obtain that Spring or Summer 2021 internship.

This event features a series of TED-like talks from some of Rowan’s most exceptional women leaders including Tabbetha Dobbins, Rory McElwee, Penny McPherson Myers, Roxie Patton, Annette Reboli and Melissa Wheatcroft. Find out what personal and professional experiences led these inspirational women to become who they are today. All are welcome to participate.

The Rowan University Women's Alliance Network (formerly ACE Women's Network) is designed to create an educational, social, professional, and political climate in which voices and values of women in all their diversity and richness are heard and included. 

Participation is open to all current Rowan Students, Faculty, & Staff members and winners will receive an Intramural Champion T-shirt! 
Participants will have the option to sign up as a team of 2 or to be placed with a partner in attempt to throw a basketball into 6 different trash cans. To register, visit and click on "Basketball Trash Can Pong" followed by "Signup" to enter your name into the contest. Masks must be worn at all times and hand sanitizer must be used prior to each attempt in the contest. Enter through Esbjornson Gym.

Students, join RAH and Military Services in finishing Military Appreciation Week for some Stars and Stripes Bingo! Play for a chance to win Rowan Bucks as well as some awesome prizes!

Register here.

Rowan After Hours (RAH) provides late-night/weekend opportunities for Rowan University students to become active in campus life by executing diverse, quality programs in a safe and welcoming environment.

Students, throw-down against rivals of all skill levels in The Game Room's first Smash Bros Throwdown that includes multiple Super Smash Bros on multiple systems! Join in on the Super Smash Ultimate Tournament for Switch, enjoy Brawling on the Wii, or go back in time and battle in Melee on the Game Cube! All play levels and experience are welcome. Space is limited and will be granted first-come, first-serve for all equipment.
Feel free to bring your own controller or use one of ours! This event is sponsored by the Chamberlain Student Center & Campus Activities Game Room.
All Covid-19 policies are strictly enforced. No food permitted; social distancing and mask wearing are required at all times.

This session will focus on funding opportunities. When you've developed a realistic plan and created enough traction, you may need to raise money to help realize your company vision.

Founder Factory is a weekly session that focuses on the specific hard skills that can help you start a business. From Financial Planning to Marketing and Sales tools, each week's session will focus on a critical practical skill that you'll need to have in your toolkit to be successful.

This session invites representatives from various campus departments (including Faculty, Financial Aid, The Shop, Campbell Library, and Advising) to share their own stories of challenges and successes during the pandemic related to finances. The panel will share financial tips, resources, and our own experiences that students can connect to.​ There will be opportunities to ask questions and brainstorm helpful ideas during the session. This event is brought to you by the Affordability Task Force.
“The Strive to Thrive newsletter intends to bring you well-being ideas, tips, events, information and ways to connect through all dimensions of well-being (physical, social, emotional, purpose, community, and financial). We hope that this layout reminds you of all of the many ways to nourish, attend to, and elevate your well-being and the well-being of those around you.”
Strive to Thrive is a newsletter for the Rowan University community. Visit or contact for more information.