DAOM Newsletter
Attendance Report
Summer Quarter 2018 and Fall Quarter 2018


The Summer Quarter 2018 and first weekend of Fall Quarter 2018 are now available in your student folders (John Smith C14 (DAOM)) under "Attendance Reports."

As a reminder please read the whole email so that you don't miss any important details.  This is where we will include useful links and other information.  If you think something is missing that should be included in the newsletter please let us know.  


The DAOM Program Office
Please report any broken links with a screenshot by email to cruth@emperors.edu 
General Announcements

Attendance Reports

Your DAOM ATTENDANCE REPORTS have been updated and are now available for review.  Your attendance reports can be found in your student folder, i.e. "John Smith DAOM (C14)" in the "Attendance Reports Folder."

If you notice an error is discrepancy, use the Comment Feature to notify us.  Here's how to add a comment to your Attendance Report:  
  1. On your computer, open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation.
  2. Highlight the text, images, cells, or slides you want to comment on.
  3. To add a comment, in the toolbar, click Add comment
  4. Type your comment.
  5. Click Comment.

ASAP Student Accounts

The ATTENDANCE REPORT in your Google Drive folder were created for you to conviently view your classroom attendance.  You can also view your attendance via your ASAP student account.  
Please visit https://emperorscollege.asapconnected.com/Login.aspx to access your ASAP account.     

Medical Presentation Attendance Reports 

Attendance Reports for the Medical Presentations will be available over the next few weeks.  This will be similar to the invidual attendance reports above, and will allow each student to see the attendance for the Medical Presentations.  STAY TUNED.    

Standing Announcements


We know that with storm conditions, that travel plans may have been delayed or canceled.  If you're travel plans have been impacted, please do the following right away.

Medical Presentations:

Email Dr. Thornton (drwthornton@hotmail.com) and Dr. MoraMarco (jacques@emperors.edu) to make a note on the roster.  To make up for Medical Presentation, please create a new, separate presentation.  Schedule a time during the next meeting to present it.  This extra presentation is in addition to the one the one that you would have made for Medical Presentations.  The extra presentation is to make up for the 4 hours missed.

Clinical Rounds:

Email Jeni (jguerrero@emperors.edu) to make the necessary changes to the roster.  Please schedule your makeup shift at that time.  All makeups must be completed at the LATEST THE 3RD WEEK OF THE FOLLOWING QUARTER.

Barcode Clock-in/Clock-out

As a reminder please make sure that you bring your student IDs with you on campus.  

For more information please visit this page:   https://daom.emperors.edu/miscellany/clock-in-and-out/



Syllabus can be found here on the new DAOM Website ( https://daom.emperors.edu/daom-course-syllabi/ )

If you are receiving this email you are a current student in the DAOM Program. 
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