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Fall Quarter 2018
Audio, Video, and Photography

We're coming up on another DAOM Weekend.  As a reminder please read the whole email so that you don't miss any important details.  This is where we will include useful links and other information.  If you think something is missing that should be included in the newsletter please let us know.  


The DAOM Program Office
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Audio, Video, and Photography

Generally, most faculty have no objections to audio or video recording.  However, please always ask permission prior to audio or video recording a faculty or other students.  

Faculty members have many reasons to have students refrain from audio, video, or photography in a given lecture.  Please respect faculty member requests.  

Admin requests that Faculty members to in form the DAOM Office before a lecture and to make sure these requests are stated clearly at the beginning of the class.  The DAOM Office endeavors to post the notice in advance.    

Audio and Video Restrictions

If any faculty requests that no audio or video recording of their lecture be made, we will include it in this section here to notify students.  However, please always check with faculty before a lecture as the DAOM Office may not have been notified.

Faculty Audio Video Restrictions:
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