DAOM Fellow Newsletter

Fall Quarter 2018
November Weekend

Welcome to the DAOM Fall Quarter!  

We're coming up on another DAOM Weekend.  The weekends schedule is included below.  As notes are submitted by the instructors they will be uploaded to the Google Drive.  Printed notes will also be made as are made available.   

As a reminder please read the whole email so that you don't miss any important details.  This is where we will include useful links and other information.  If you think something is missing that should be included in the newsletter please let us know.  


The DAOM Program Office
Tell us if you find any broken links by emailing a screenshot to  cruth@emperors.edu
General Announcements

Classroom Seating

As we welcome a new Cohort to the DAOM we would like to remind everyone of the classroom seating policy.  

The classrooms are set up to accommodate two (2) students per table.  Please refrain from placing bags or other personal items on chairs.  Students need to be able to find seating in a timely manner.  

As a reminder, the DAOM DOES NOT  have assigned classroom seating.  If you have a preferred seating assignment, please arrive early to get your seat.  Don't expect anyone to know your seating preferences.

Wires and Cables

Do not lay cables, wires, backpacks, or other items across the walkways that can cause a fall or tripping hazard.

There are charging stations at the back of the ROOM E/F for  charging  laptops and cellphones.  

If you need to store large items, such as luggage, please let us know and we will secure it storage.  

Audio, Video, and Photography

Please respect faculty member requests that students refrain from Audio, Video, or Photography recording.  Faculty members are asked by Admin to make sure these requests are stated clearly at the beginning of the class, and we try to post the notice in advance.   This includes taking a picture of the slide that says DON'T TAKE PICTURES (it's was funny the first time, not anymore).  

Also, we have heard rumors of photography occurring in the Clinic.  The clinic requires the privacy of patients be maintained. If any student is found to be in violation of HIPAA or patient privacy rights, they will be immediately referred to the Dean of Clinical Education.

Additional complaints will be referred to the DAOM Office and Academic Dean for review.

Medical Presentation Order

Please visit https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LsiQl3AZbjQbm_QUCqiSjZlWqlVp7_FkQpYB6was1HI/edit?usp=sharing to view the Medical Presentation schedule and order.

Cardiology Module

A cademic Counseling

Please visit https://calendly.com/ectomdaom to schedule a meeting for Academic Counseling.  When signing up for a meeting, p lease state that the topic or agenda of the meeting for preparation.  These meetings can be on-person or on Google Hangouts.  

IMPORTANT:  Due to the high demand of activities and support needed during DAOM Weekends, Academic Meetings are not held over the DAOM Meeting weekends.  Please refer to the schedule for availability (https://calendly.com/ectomdaom). 

Standing Announcements

 Google Drive Folder - Fall Quarter 2018

The Fall Quarter 2018 Folder is now available.  Go to Google Drive and search for "4_DAOM Fall 2018 (Cardiology)."

For more information on how to access the current DAOM Quarter folder, please view the following link: https://daom.emperors.edu/didactic/access-notes-and-course-work/ 

Please make sure that you download or save any lecture notes to either your computer or another Google Drive folder.   If you aren't able to access a folder please email Chris ( cruth@emperors.edu ).


Over the next few weeks we're going to begin closing and archiving old previous quarters folders on Google Drive.  Please make sure that you download or save any lecture notes to either your computer or another Google Drive folder.  

If you aren't able to access a previous quarter's folder please email Chris (cruth@emperors.edu).

Important Links

DAOM Meeting Weekend Schedule

DAOM Clinical Rounds Schedule

DAOM Syllabus

DAOM Fellows may now access DAOM Didactic and Clinical Syllabus on the DAOM Website ( https://daom.emperors.edu/daom-course-syllabi/).

Article Request Form

Faculty, Staff, alumni, and current students may request articles through our institution.  In order to accommodate your article requests for your classes or research, we've launched an article request form that can be found here:

Acces the Databases

To access and explore all the new resources, please use the following information. 
ID: emperors8
PW: library
(Please be aware that this resource is only available to Emperor's students, staff, and faculty. Sharing access with those outside of Emperor's is a breach of contract and could result in the loss of access to all members of the Emperor's community.)

Barcode Clock-in/Clock-out

As a reminder please make sure that you bring your student IDs with you on campus.  

For more information about which barcode to use for the clinic or classroom, please refer here:

Academic  Calendar

To view the Academic Calendar please follow this link:

If you are receiving this email you are currently affiliated with the DAOM Program. 
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