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Cohort Representative Council
February 17, 2018
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Welcome to the Cohort Representative Council Newsletter.  This will be where the Cohort Reps will post information related to your student government.  


The DAOM Program Office
General Announcements


Welcome to another Emperor's College Doctoral Weekend!  I would like to take this moment to introduce myself as the elected Chair of Doctoral Student Council.  

This Saturday, February 17th at 4:30pm in ROOM E/F we will host a Town Hall meeting.  Attendance is voluntary and highly encouraged.  

At this time, I am accepting submissions for agenda topics.  Please send directly to ( daomchair@emperors.edu) have your topic considered.   The deadline for topics to be considered is Friday, February 16th at 11am.
There will be a closed council meeting for members only on Friday, Feb. 16th at 12pm.  All cohort representatives are requested to be in attendance.  

Amber L. Johnson, LAc
Director of Admissions
Veteran's Liaison
Housing Coordinator
Doctoral Fellow

Cohort Charter and Public Description

The Cohort Representative Charter has been attached and the public description summarizes the Cohort Representative Councils description and activities.  We've created Cohort Rep emails for all questions and inquires.

Important Links

Cohort Representative Website

Cohort Representative Emails

We've created Cohort Rep emails for all questions and inquires.

Here are the emails:
Cohort 12 - Jodi Peltier, MSOM, LAc:   cohort12@emperors.edu
Cohort 13 - Steve Shomo, LAc, DOM, AP, CSCS, E-RYT, WFR:   cohort13@emperors.edu
Cohort 14 - Sanae Evans, MTOM, LAc:   cohort14@emperors.edu
Cohort 15 - Arno Kroner, MTOM:  cohort15@emperors.edu 

Cohort Chair - Amber Johnson, MTOM, LAc:   daomchair@emperors.edu
Cohort Secretary - Konstantina Stylianou, MSc Nutrition and Health, BSc TOM:   daomsecretary@emperors.edu
Cohort Treasurer - Janel Gehrke, MTOM, LAc:   daomtreasurer@emperors.edu

Academic  Calendar

The 2018 Academic Calendar has now been published.  Please review the dates carefully before making your travel arrangements.  Remember that 2x per year each cohort has a 5th day scheduled either on a Monday or Wednesday.

To view the 2017/2018 calendar please follow this link:

If you are receiving this email you are a current student in the DAOM Program. 
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