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Cohort Representative Council
Week of December 4, 2017

Reminder to submit your nominations for the Cohort Rep Council.  The nomination process closes tomorrow and ballot elections will be held on Saturday.  Please submit your nominations soon to get them on the ballot.   For more information, please see below.


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General Announcements

Cohort Representative Nominations and Elections

The DAOM Cohort Representative Council is holding it's biannual elections this coming DAOM Weekend in December.

Nominations are now by accepted until 12 noon, Friday, 12/8/17

You can make you nomination by email to DAOM@emperors.edu.  Nominees will be notified on Friday afternoon.  Nominees that accept the nomination will be placed on the ballot for election on Saturday, 12/9/17.  

Nominations are open for the following posistions:
Nominations accepted by all cohorts:
Chair (open)
Secretary (open)
Treasurer (open)

Nominations accepted by respective cohort members:
Cohort 12 (Incumbant: Jodi Peltier)
Cohort 13 (Incumbant: Steve Shomo)
Cohort 14 (Incumbant: Sanae Evans)
Cohort 15 (open)

Example nomination email:
Chair:  Joe Smith
Secretary:  Rob Smith
Treasurer:  Jane Smith
Cohort 13:  John Smith

Cohort Representative Elections, Saturday, 12/9/17

Nominees on the ballot for election on Saturday, 12/9/17.  The paper ballots will be distributed before class on Saturday to each Cohort Fellow.  Fellows will submit their ballots to the ballotbox.  Polls be open from 9am to 3 pm on Saturday, 12/9/17.  Ballots will be counted then announced at the Cohort Rep meeting at 4:15 am in Room E/F.  

Cohort Charter and Public Description

The Cohort Representative Charter has been attached and the public description summarizes the Cohort Representative Councils description and activities.  We've created Cohort Rep emails for all questions and inquires.

Cohort Emails

We've created Cohort Rep emails for all questions and inquires.

Here are the emails:
Cohort 12:   cohort12@emperors.edu
Cohort 13:   cohort13@emperors.edu
Cohort 14:   cohort14@emperors.edu
Cohort 15 and more coming soon

Important Links

Please tell us if you find any broken links by emailing Chris at cruth@emperors.edu
Academic  Calendar

The 2018 Academic Calendar has now been published.  Please review the dates carefully before making your travel arrangements.  Remember that 2x per year each cohort has a 5th day scheduled either on a Monday or Wednesday.

To view the 2017/2018 calendar please follow this link:

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