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Fall Quarter 2018



Welcome to the Fall Quarter Mentorship, Preceptorship, and Service Learning Newsletter.   

In the Newsletter we're going to go over:
  • DAOM Clinical Hours and SAP
  • Updated Approval Requirement
  • DocuSign
  • Fall Mentorship, Preceptorship, and Service Learning forms
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The DAOM Program Office
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General Announcements

DAOM Clinical Hours and SAP

In the Winter Quarter of 2018 the DAOM Program updated the Satifsfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to move into alignement with regulatory requirements.  

There are three requirements to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Completion of scheduled program requirements.
    • Successful completion of the Capstone Project proposal by the end of 1st year (12 - month period from start date).
    • Quarterly successful completion of all scheduled Medical Presentations and Clinical Rounds,
    • Quarterly successful completion of a minimum of 50 clinical hours of either Mentorship, Preceptorship, Service Learning).
  • Maintain the minimum required GPA:
    • Minimum quarterly grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. 
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Adherence to the attendance policy.
Student Handbook ( https://www.emperors.edu/publications/ )  

To keep everyone ontrack with their Clinical Projects, starting this Winter Quarter 2019, we will be requiring that all students be registered for either a 50 hours project in Mentorship, Preceptorship (Clinic or Didactic, on or off campus), Service Learning Project.  Also, the optional 50 hour quarter long Clinical Rounds shift will meet this requirement.  

The Clinical Project applications for Winter Quarter 2019 will be available later this quarter.

Approval of DAOM Clinical Projects

Beginning Winter Quarter of 2018 the DAOM Office will require that all Mentorships, Preceptorships, and Service Learning Projects receive approval before the start of the Projects.  Retroactive approvals will no longer be given.   In order to receive approval, you'll submit the Clinical Applications as outlined below.  

DocuSign Reminder

The DAOM Office is now using DocuSign (https://account.docusign.com/#/username) to expedite the application and evaluation approval process.  Signup for a free account to save your documents for future reference.

Once you submit your applications and evaluations, your forms are emailed to the DAOM Office for review.  If approved you'll be sent the application or evaluation back to all parties for signatures via DocuSign.     

Remember to submit all your deliverable for your project.  Your deliverables should be uploaded to your student folder, i.e. John Smith DAOM (C13), for final review.  

Remember to submit your Supervisor or Mentors CV/Resume.  This may be uploaded directly in the Clinical Application form.  

Mentor/Supervisor CV/Resumes

In order to receive approval for a Clinical Project, you'll need to submit your Mentor or Supervisor's CV/Resume as part of the application process.  This allows us to evaluate whether or not the Mentor or Supervisor is qualified to oversea or mentor you.  

In the Google Forms application, there is a page that will allow you to directly upload the CV/Resume of your Mentor or Supervisor.

Application and Evaluation Forms

Fall Application Forms

Use the APPLICATION for new projects that you are starting during the FALL 2018 QUARTER.  Please remember to work directly with your Supervisors and Mentors directly when filling out the application forms.  

You only need to complete the application once per project.  For example if you're conducting the Didactic Preceptorship in Acupuncture Techniques for Summer and Fall Quarters, you'll only fill out the application once.  However, if you're in Acupuncture Techniques Summer, then Acupuncture Anatomy Fall Quarter, you'll need to fill out 2 applications.      


FALL 2018 Mentorship, Preceptorship, Service Learning Application:

Summer Quarterly and Final Sign-off Forms

The evaluation forms are for logging your hours QUARTERLY and to FINALIZE the project.   

If you're project is going to continue into the next quarter, you'll select ongoing project.   For example, you're doing a Didactic Preceptorship in Acupuncture Techniques for 2 quarters, you'll select ONGOING PROJECT and submit the Evaluation each quarter.    

If you are completing your project, you'll select completed project and submit the form.


SUMMER 2018 Mentorship, Preceptorship, Service Learning Evaluation:  


If you need assistance with completing these applications, please visit  https://calendly.com/ectomdaom to set up an appointment with Chris.  


Mentorship, Preceptorship, and Service Learning Syllabus

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