DAOM Fellow Newsletter

Fall 2018
October Weekend

Welcome to the the Fall 2018 Quarter!  

We're coming up on the October DAOM Weekend on 10/10/18.  In this newsletter we're going to cover last minute reminders for the Fall Quarter.

Included in this newsletter will be the following:
  • Newsetters on https://daom.emperors.edu 
  • Updated DAOM Syllabus format
  • Introducing Fall Quarter Clinic Rounds Schedule (updated format)
  • Introducing Fall Quarter Medical Presentation schedule (updated format)
  • DAOM Clinical Hours Tracker
As a reminder please read the whole email so that you don't miss any important details.  This is where we will include useful links and other information.  If you think something is missing that should be included in the newsletter please let us know.  


The DAOM Program Office
Send us any broken links by emailing a screenshot of the page to Chris at cruth@emperors.edu
General Announcements


Based on feedback that some students have not been getting the DAOM Newsletters via Constant Contact, we will now be posting these important communications on the DAOM Website ( https://daom.emperors.edu) so that they can referenced without searching your email inbox.  


Also, we're working to reduce the amount of information in each newsletter by pushing content to the DAOM Website, including course content, syllabus, how-to's, and FAQ.  Please be patient as this is a work in progress.   

Please visit https://daom.emperors.edu/miscellany/daom-newsletters-archived/ to viewed previous editions of the DAOM Newsletters.

New Syllabus Format

We are happy to announce the updated syllabus format.  The DAOM syllabus are now in an HTML format that allows everyone to view the syllabus on any digital device, including smart phones.   Please remember to review the syllabus for each didactic and clinical course for important information, such as readings and class assignments.  

A special thanks to our Director of Public Affairs, Chris Johnston, for building our the syllabus and the DAOM Website for us.

Access the Didactic and Clinical Syllabus on the DAOM Website (https://daom.emperors.edu/daom-course-syllabi/).

New Video Walkthroughs

We are happy to announce the launch of new video walkthroughs.  As we improve resources like the DAOM website, Newsletters, and syllabus, we are also recording walkthroughs to help everyone with different workflows in the DAOM.  So far we have the following videos:
For now these videos can be found in the quarter folder under "5_Instructional Videos," but we'll likly migrate these videos to an EC streaming service over the next few weeks.

Parking Passes for Fall Quarter 2018


The Building Management Office offers a quarterly parking pass for Emperor's College students to park on site, which allows unlimited in and out parking.  There is a deposit of $25 for each card.  EC students can opt for a part-time pass for four (4) days a week for $195 or a full-time pass for more than five days a week for $405.  

Parking passes are valid for one quarter and will need to be renewed for each additional quarter.  Please speak with Maricia at the front desk to renew your parking pass.

For more information, please click on the following link:

 Google Drive Folder - Fall Quarter 2018

The  Fall Quarter 2018 Folder is now available.  Go to your Google Drive and search for " 4_DAOM Fall 2018 (Cardiology), " or  the following link ( https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwP4X4WKqFfvdEktcEVEcndCUHM?usp=sharing ).   Remember to sign-in to your Google Drive account and add the folder to "MY DRIVE."   Please make sure that you download or save any lecture notes to either your computer or another Google Drive folder. 


For more information on how to access the current DAOM Quarter folder, please view the following link (https://daom.emperors.edu/didactic/access-notes-and-course-work/). If you aren't able to access any of the DAOM folders please REQUEST ACCESS (Help: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/6211862?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform=Desktop).  

A cademic Counseling

To schedule a meeting for Academic Counseling, please refer to the schedule here https://calendly.com/ectomdaomThese meetings can be on-person or teleconference (via Google Hangouts). 


IMPORTANT:  Because of the high demand of activities and support needed during DAOM Weekends, meetings will no longer be scheduled over the DAOM Meeting weekends.

Meetings are by appointment only.  Please visit https://calendly.com/ectomdaom 
to request your day, time, and meeting topic.

Didactic  Announcements

 Cardiology Module

Please visit  https://daom.emperors.edu/daom-course-syllabi/  to view the syllabus and to review and precourse related readings or preparations.  

Fall Weekend Schedules

Clinical Announcements

Fall DAOM Intern Meeting

This Thursday, 10/11/18 at 12 pm, the Dean of Clinical Education, Robert Newman, LAc, will go over pertinant clinic updates with everyone.

Mandatory DAOM Clinic Intern Meeting 
Thursday, 10/11/18
12 noon -  1 pm
Room E/F

Lunch will be served catered by the Santa Monica Co-Op.    

DCEP Clinical Hours Tracker

The DCEP Clinical Hours Tracker is now available in your Student Folders (i.e. John Smith DAOM (C14)).  This tracking form is a resource for us to use to help document and track your all the Program Clinical Hours including, but not limited:
  • Clinical Rounds
  • Medical Presentations
  • Mentorships
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Health, Safety, and Ethics Training
  • Intern Meetings
  • CPR and First Aid renewals
A GENERIC SAMPLE can be viewed viewed here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lcwZKRv1PtrfCjh6TtmYsafHGzC2lZNLZjxpd_6Sluo/edit?usp=sharing, but remember that your own can be viewed in your student folders.  

NOTE:  SOME OF YOUR TRACKERS ARE STILL BEING EDITED AND MIGHT NOT REFLECT YOUR ACTUAL PROJECTS OR HOURS.   Please use the comment feature (https://support.google.com/docs/answer/65129?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en) if you have any questions or comments about your Hours Tracker.   

Medical Presentation Order

Updated Medical Presentation Order form.  This new form will help you and your faculty to better track your Medical Presentations.  

DAOM Clinical Rounds Schedule

Fall Quarter 2018 Clinical Rounds Schedule  can be viewed here:


Important Links


Over the next few weeks we're going to begin closing and archiving old previous quarters folders on Google Drive.  Please make sure that you download or save any lecture notes to either your computer or another Google Drive folder.  


If you aren't able to access a previous quarter's folder please email Chris (cruth@emperors.edu).

DAOM Syllabus

DAOM Fellows may now access DAOM Didactic and Clinical Syllabus on the DAOM Website ( https://daom.emperors.edu/daom-course-syllabi/).

Article Request Form

Faculty, Staff, alumni, and current students may request articles through our institution.  In order to accommodate your article requests for your classes or research, we've launched an article request form that can be found here:

Acces the Databases

To access and explore all the new resources, please use the following information. 
ID: emperors8
PW: library
(Please be aware that this resource is only available to Emperor's students, staff, and faculty. Sharing access with those outside of Emperor's is a breach of contract and could result in the loss of access to all members of the Emperor's community.)

Barcode Clock-in/Clock-out

As a reminder please make sure that you bring your student IDs with you on campus.  

For more information about which barcode to use for the clinic or classroom, please refer here:

CPR and First Aid Certifications

As a reminder please make sure that you must carry your current and valid CPR and First Aid Certifications with your student IDs with you are on campus.  



Bookmark it today.   https://daom.emperors.edu/  

Academic  Calendar

To view the Academic Calendar please follow this link:

Catalog and Student Handbook

The current Catalog and Student Hanebook can be viewed at:

If you are receiving this email you are a current student in the DAOM Program. 
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