The following excerpt was taken from the
New York State Sheriffs' Institute 2018 Chairman's Message.

"...The key word for 2018 is stability. To be firmly established with regards to funding and budgeting is incredibly important to continue to support our mission in the way we do. Our support of police training and education, victims' rights and services, and our state's youth are stronger than ever. The cooperation of our team of 58 sheriffs statewide, their officers and the people who live in each county is a very important way in which we continue to support public safety, civility and hope in our communities."

To read more from NYSSI Chairman and Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike, click here.
Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts
known as "Mr. Compliance"
Most mornings when the alarm clock goes off at
5 a.m., Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts is already awake, pouring through emails and preparing for the day ahead. Every day is different and requires the energy and decisiveness of the day before, as he proudly serves the people of Wayne County and as the newly elected president of the New York State Sheriffs' Association.

Each day ends in the same way, with a prayer:
"I pray that our deputies, corrections and court security officers are safe. That we all do our jobs with integrity, and that everyone we come into contact with is treated with dignity."  

This is what over 40 years in law enforcement looks like and is the philosophy that guides Sheriff Virts and the 191 members of Wayne County Sheriff's Office (WCSO), located in Lyons, N.Y. Read more.

  Summer Camp Director 
  Dedicates 32 Years of Service 
NYS Sheriffs' Summer Camp Director Dave Sherman shares his thoughts on serving in this role for 32 years. He says that kids today still need someone who cares, a little direction, and the same love. At camp, kids from across the state learn new things and experience adventures together. They meet deputies, corrections officers and sheriffs and realize they're real people who also care.  
Each year,  more than 800 disadvantaged kids from across the state come to camp for a week at no cost to their families. To help send kids to camp this summer,  donate here
People deserve to live in peace and not fear.  If you know anyone impacted by domestic violence or may have been involved with someone who is currently incarcerated or will be served a court order of protection, have them register today for Crime Victim Services Notifications. These free services keep crime victims in the know regarding the whereabouts of inmates and when an order of protection is being served. Knowing this critical information, keeps people safe and saves lives.

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