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Disciplining Problem Employees: We Know You Hate It.  How to Make it Easier... 

Trying to be cool, understanding, and lowkey about employee disciplinary actions might make you feel like "one of the guys," but possibly at the expense of being a good manager. And what about the message it's sending to your model employees?  How to keep things objective and consistent: ConsultStu HR blog
Save Thousands $$ - Implement a Certified Drug-free Workplace Program

Everyday Florida employers choose to implement drug-free workplace programs to promote safety and save money.  Protect your business from workplace accidents caused by employees working under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 10 steps to implement a Florida drug free program and get your discount.
Easy Holiday Ideas that are More Fun than a Traditional Office Party!

We scoured the internet for some of the best holiday office ideas that work for small groups of any budget, and Caroline Whitney (at gets our vote.  Augment this year's holiday cheer with some of her great easy ideas, or, use as an office party alternative Click to Caroline's 15 Holiday Ideas - don't worry, NOT a slideshow!

New Florida Minimum Wage Poster

Effective January 1, 2020, the Florida minimum wage will rise ten cents to $8.56 per hour. Similarly, the minimum wage rate for tipped employees will increase from $5.44 to $5.54 per hour.  Download it for FREE.
How NOT to handle an OSHA Inspection! Company Managers sentenced on felonies

During an OSHA investigation into a worker fatality at an Ohio aluminum extrusion plant, several managers attempted to hide information, gave false information, intimidated employees from speaking to the OSHA investigators and pressured employees to recant previous emails expressing safety concerns. Both managers were indicted by DOJ, plead guilty and later received confinement (weekend only and home) for obstructing justice. Read the OSHA press releaseOSHA Fact SheetTips for handling OSHA inspections for employers.

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