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  • Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation
  • Ask the Pharmacist: Vitamin D
  • COVID-19 Screening Tool for Ontario Workplaces
  • Grand & Toy Interiors - Consult, design and install
  • Keep in Constant Contact
Employee Group Benefits
Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation
Taking care of the future
Most employee group benefit plans include Life insurance coverage. The coverage is normally in place as long as there is an active plan and the employee is eligible and enrolled. When a plan includes Life Insurance, it is critical that each employee chooses someone to receive the benefit after their death. They can designate anyone they wish – family members, friends or a favourite charity. They can have one beneficiary, or a number of them. Learn more about:

  • Why you should choose a beneficiary
  • What if the beneficiary is under 18
  • When to name a contingent beneficiary
Ask the Pharmacist: Vitamin D
Health Canada Guidelines for Vitamin D Supplementation
Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is one of the essential vitamins that people need to acquire, primarily through their diet and exposure to sunlight. It is responsible for many functions inside the human body, the most important of which is to increase the absorption of calcium from food, needed for strong bones. Almost 50% of the population worldwide has a vitamin D insufficiency, while an estimated 1 in 7 suffer from vitamin D deficiency.
Human Resources Consulting
COVID-19 Screening Tool for Workplaces
On Friday September 25, 2020 the Government of Ontario amended stage three of the reopening plan. The amendment makes it a requirement that “Businesses or organizations comply with any advice, recommendations, and instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health on screening for COVID-19.”

Effective September 26, 2020, the Ontario Ministry of Health issued the COVID-19 screening tool. The tool provides basic information and questions that organizations should use to screen their employees and essential visitors entering the work environment – for each day they enter the office. Effective September 26, 2020 Ontario workplaces are now required to screen employees for COVID-19 related symptoms and risk factors prior to entering the work environment. Employers are not required to screen employees working at home, unless they are entering the work environment.

Failure to comply and conduct screening in accordance with the new Screening Tool can lead to charges and fines. This does not apply to Patrons/Customers entering the workplace, or essential workers such as emergency services or first responders, etc., entering the workplace for emergency purposes.

For more information and a list of questions please visit the Ministry of Health link below.

Procurement and Shared Services
Grand & Toy Interiors
Consult, design and install
Grand & Toy Interiors is a national, full-service, contract furniture dealer offering complete project management for specialized office space planning.

From workstations to boardroom, from seating to carpet, from lobby to cafeteria, from glass walls to acrylic protective panels, Grand & Toy Interiors can meet the needs of various organizations.

ASSOCIUM GAIN members are offered superior service, at preferred pricing.

Furniture and Manufacturing Partners include:

  • Complete solutions including Healthcare: Global Total Office, Group Lacasse
  • Casegoods and seating: Inscape, Trendway (glass walls), HON, MityBilt, Spec Furniture
  • Seating: ErgoCentric, All Seating, Keilhauer, Fluid Hospitality
  • Acrylic Screens: Icon Digital, Trendway, Global

Email or reply to this email to schedule a consult with a furniture specialist. Together, we'll assess the goals of your organization, project scope, budget and timelines in order to provide a comprehensive solution from design to install.

Keep in Constant Contact
Professional templates. Powerful features. All the support you need.
Use email marketing from Constant Contact to inform your clients, connect with partners and communicate with stakeholders.

We make it easy to get started and keep going:

  • Seamless account set up with the most competitive price for 1 year
  • Customized email template design that you can copy for ongoing campaigns
  • Assistance with your email list upload
ASSOCIUM Divisions
Since 1984, ASSOCIUM Consultants continues to lead the industry in specialized human resource services, organizational development and provides HR expertise across a broad range of services.
We're unique in the marketplace providing innovative and customized Advisor services: Managing General Agent, Third Party Administrator, Claims Adjudication, Specialty Drug Management / Preferred Pharmacy Network and Human Resources Consulting.
Our employee group benefits division, being in business since 1997, gives us the experience to provide customized alternative plans and reduce administrative costs for our clients, while quoting sustainable rates at start up - and at renewal.
Our procurement services division launched in 1996 as an added source of assistance to the not-for-profit sector (GAIN). Recently this service has been expanded to include private small business under the Advantage banner. Our goal is to help your organization access preferred pricing for products and services as well as resolve any purchasing issues you may encounter.
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