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Paper or Electronic

Traditionally, employee benefit plan details have been communicated to employees by way of the employee booklet. The employee booklet imparts the plan details, outlines what is covered by the plan, how much coverage is available, specific coverage definitions, as well as details regarding eligibility, waiting periods and claiming procedures. The booklet is fundamental to this communication.

Beginning in June of 2019, ASSOCIUM Benefits  will join our environmentally aware peers and partners and will be providing electronic only copies of booklets.

HRCyber Liability Protection
Who should buy this protection?

As companies are faced with increased information security threats on a daily basis, businesses need their insurance coverage to respond to exposures that didn't even exist just a few years ago. With heightened awareness of privacy issues, new legislative changes, and ever more sophisticated criminal cyber-attacks around the globe, companies not only need to be protected from traditional exposures, but also from those that continue to emerge. Most companies today need a single integrated policy which will respond to these exposures by offering broad coverage for data security and privacy exposures that are not covered under traditional Property & Casualty package policies.

GAINReminder: Ontario Health Insurance Plan Plus or OHIP+
The Ontario Government has announced that amendments to the OHIP+ plan are to take effect April 1, 2019.

The new Ontario government announced, soon after they were elected in mid-2018, that they would be modifying the OHIP+ program to reduce the number of eligible children and youth. Under a redesigned OHIP+, eligible children and youth, who do not have private insurance, would continue to receive their medications, through the program, without co-payments or deductibles. For those children and youth who are covered by private insurance, their drugs will be billed to those plans. Just as it was prior to the launch of OHIP+, private insurer will be first payor.

This change will be effective as of April 1, 2019.

PharmCannabis and the Aging Population
Can they benefit?

The aging population is one of the most prominent challenges in Canada because we have yet to find a viable solution to sustain government and health-care spending. For the first time, the number of seniors living in Canada outweigh the number of children.

Prescription drugs make up a significant portion of health-care spending. On average, seniors use more prescription drugs than any other age group, largely due to their increased susceptibility to chronic conditions.
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