Dear Team,

Earlier today, I hosted a virtual State of Orange County Address and I would like to share some of the highlights because none of it would be possible without YOU. Orange County has been on a solid path upward for decades and as we entered the year 2020, our destination was clear. We were on a steady course towards becoming the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” envisioned by Walt Disney.

As we rocketed into 2020, little did we know an insidious virus was on the rise. This global pandemic has claimed over 100 thousand lives in the United States and affected more than two million people. Its presence continues to be felt here in Orange County and around the globe. The economic impact of COVID-19 is projected to be billions of dollars. However, we believe the economy’s recovery will be on the horizon.

Our community has proven time and time again that we are united and resilient. To face the economic turbulence and uncertainty ahead, we must keep working together as a team. In the spirit of teamwork and partnership, we launched a regional campaign, embraced by multiple Central Florida counties. The goal is to provide a clear, consistent message for our community to unite for safety. The campaign called “ Safer, Stronger, Together” is a call to action for each resident and business to do their part in making our community safer from COVID-19. For more information, visit

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Orange County Government employees have been phenomenal in their ability to provide essential services for our residents and guests by embracing technology and other alternative methods. This video serves as a shining example of how passionate our employees are about informing and protecting our most vulnerable residents.

It is undeniable the past four months have been challenging for everyone, especially with no idea on when this pandemic will end. Despite the many adjustments and changes we have all had to make, one thing has remained true of our community and you, our employees. We are resilient. The COVID-19 virus still lives among us, but we are not letting it stand in our way in continuing to make our County one of the best places to live. Instead, we have learned how to not only cope, but also persevere.

We stand up to a challenge and come back safer – stronger – together. Click here to view the State of the County Address. Your health and well-being remain a top priority and we are committed to doing everything possible to ensuring all of our workplaces are safe for everyone. Thank you for all you do!­­
Jerry L. Demings, Orange County Mayor signature