December 14, 2017
Employee Considerations During Natural Disasters

When employers are in the midst of a natural disaster, being mindful of obligations towards employees may be difficult. Being prepared for natural disasters with a well thought out Emergency Action Plan (EAP) that has been shared with all employees can provide a roadmap in such trying times. California employers must also have a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) that explains the fire hazards employees may face and how to handle a fire.
Key Points for Emergency Planning
·        Train new hires and staff members who are assigned to a new position on the EAP and FPP.
·        Retrain employees when the EAP or FPP is modified.
·        Periodically retrain staff and conduct emergency drills.
·        Plan how to communicate with staff in emergency situations.
·        Plan who will determine business closures, and how to handle and communicate closures.
·        Determine if alternative workplaces can be established.
·        Discuss what employee positions are necessary in emergency conditions.

CLIA Annual Meeting
December 14, 2017 at 11:00am

  • New laws and legislation presentation by Mike Belote and California Advocates
  • Many new laws impacting lodging industry will be reviewed
  • New board and officers will be presented
  • Timely announcements

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Conviction for Minimum Wage Violation
SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office announced the successful prosecution of JW Marriott LA Boutique Gift Shop (“LA Boutique”), a local hotel-based retail business, for failing to pay numerous employees their Santa Monica minimum wage and retaliating against an employee who attempted to exercise her minimum wage rights. This is the first conviction under the City of Santa Monica’s Minimum Wage Ordinance.

Prior to referring the case to the City Attorney’s Office, the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer & Business Affairs – contracted as the Wage Enforcement Division of the City – received numerous complaints from LA Boutique’s employees regarding wage violations and undertook a multi-month investigation. The investigation uncovered egregious violations of the City’s Minimum Wage Ordinance. No employee at LA Boutique was being paid the Santa Monica minimum wage, and when one employee asserted her rights under the City’s wage laws, she was terminated.

Guests and The Great Outdoors
by Chamberlin Public Relations brought to you by
A hotel’s rooftop used to be just that – a rooftop, and in terms of revenue, wasted space. Not any longer. Hotels are getting more creative and transforming outdoor areas into immersive experiences that not only offer additional amenities for guests, but also generate serious income.
What’s more, outside spaces are becoming just as important to attracting guests as their interior counterparts.There are lots of ways to create an effective outdoor space that will be both popular and profitable. Here are some of our favorite options that guests love.

Maximize Your View
Getting fresh air at city hotels used to be challenging but not anymore. Many hotels are adding rooftop lounges that provide a high-altitude, high-end experience with top views of the surrounding areas.

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