2019 Employee Engagement Campaign
What Makes Reena U nique?
Reena Employees are the ones who put the YOU in Unique

The Employment Engagement Committee has been highlighting The Property Services Team. Some members of the team have been profiled but it takes the entire team’s efforts and commitment to make Reena a great place to work
Reena recognizes how each employee in Property Services is important, no matter their role, and together this TEAM contributes to the success that is Reena.
Property Team Group Picture
Meet the Team
Stan Zynoberg, Property Manager
I have been with Reena for the last 25 years!
The satisfaction, energy and effort
required when we help improve the lives of the people we serve is very rewarding.
We are probably the only property department that does everything in its power not to evict tenants.
We source ,design, build, decorate and furnish specialized homes. This process includes also creating and providing protective assistive and recreational equipment and... the process starts all over again as individuals' needs change.
Danny Veloso
"My favourite Reena moments are happening when I see people smile.
Our team takes pride in our workmanship, and we do our best to assist all.

A good espresso at home is better than coffee chains."
Irene Tsenebis and Cristina Pajor
Cristina: "I love seeing people happy and sharing their happiness with others."
Irene: "To me Property Dept. means organization. We ensure things are in order and running smoothly."
Venus Pulido
"Our team works together beautifully: we back each other.

I would always take a Tim Hortons over Starbucks."
Julio Berras
"I enjoy when people say Good Morning.
My favourite Reena moment is NOW - when our team is recognized and celebrated.

Tim Hortons is my preferred coffee."
Blaise Macleod
"Every day we face a different challenge and no two days are the same.
My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives. They are always so thankful for the work we do in their homes. At the end of my day I go home and I know I made a real difference in our individuals lives."
Nareshwar Ramkumar (Rob)
"I love the sense of camaraderie among our team members.
I enjoy getting to know the people we support, and...I'll take Tim Hortons over Starbucks".
Gary Pereira
"Happy for the opportunity to be working with a supportive team at Reena"
David White
"My favourite Reena moment was when I joined the team."
Robert Ward
"I work with a great team. I'd like everyone to know that we are always ready to assist when called upon.

I like my Timmy (Tim Hortons)"
Robert Williams
"I like to help our individuals and make them happy. If any problems arise I like to solve the problem for them and the rest of the staff."
Two additional Property team members that were absent for photos :
  • David Barnes
  • Lee Davison
Greenhouse Initiative
The greenhouse provides a sense of relaxation and calmness to Robert’s workplace, as well as lifts the spirits of the individuals we suppor t.
Robert's passion is also evident with the indoor greenhouse that contains cacti, sugar cane and an assortment of plants and flowers that are all shapes, sizes and colour. In the outdoor garden Robert grows tomatoes and various plants and flowers - something truly to behold.
My Favourite "Reena Moment" Is Now!
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