October 2018
HR & Safety News, Insights, and Updates  
Retain Talent in a Pet Crazy Culture

With unemployment at a 17 year low, employers are reawakening to the need for effective talent retention strategies.  One of the hottest trends in corporate perks recognizes the astounding level of devotion American workers have for their furry, four-legged companions. No matter what your budget, there are options for your company to offer animal lovers another reason to love their job, and another reason to love YOU, the employer who understands that Mr. McNibbles the Chihuahua or Schnitzel the Miniature Schnauzer is  a member of your employee's family.  Read our blog.
Independent I9 Audit Services for Publix Vendors

If your company is pursuing a services agreement with Publix Super Markets, Inc., it will be required to complete an annual certification of its immigration law compliance using a qualified, independent third party; or retain a qualified, independent third party to complete all company employee I-9s on an on-going basis.  If the audit is chosen, it must be completed every 12 months. Give us a call and we can help. 
New "Summary of Rights under the FCRA"

In late September, the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection has issued a  revised model summary of rights  disclosure notice. Employers must give the document to job applicants and employees who've had adverse action taken against them-such as not being hired or being disciplined or fired-based on a background check.   Specifically, the form titled "A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" has been updated to include information about security freezes and fraud alerts, stemming from a law passed in May 2018 in response to high-profile data breaches. Download the new Notice (English and Spanish).
Use Linkedin for Recruiting Employees

LinkedIn and other social networking sites are advantageous for employers for both networking and recruiting purposes. The potential for  LinkedIn  and other social networking sites to play a major role in your  employee recruiting strategy  increases as potential employees increasingly post their profiles on these sites each year. Read more.  Gr eat tips for strengthening your social recruiting!
Slope it. Shore it. Shield It.  Trench Protection.

OSHA has updated its National Emphasis Program on preventing trenching and excavation collapses in response to a recent spike in trenching fatalities.  The updated emphasis program began October 1, 2018, with a three-month period of education and prevention outreach. Enforcement activities will begin after the outreach period and remain in effect until canceled. OSHA has developed a series of  compliance assistance resources.  Train your employees and develop company safety programs using OSHA's free resources.
Medicare Part D Notices Due by October 15 

Employers who sponsor group health plans that offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible individuals are reminded that they must provide a Medicare Part D Creditable or Non-Creditable Coverage Notice to those individuals by October 15. These notices serve to inform Medicare-eligible individuals whether the prescription drug coverage offered is "creditable," meaning it is expected to pay, on average, as much as the standard Medicare prescription drug coverage. Call your benefits broker for assistance and click here for model letters and more information.
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