Kalona, Washington, Wellman, Riverside, Columbus Junction, 
Steele Family Aquatic Center
MESSAGE FROM CEO:  Becky Harkema
I am so proud of the YMCA of Washington County. Its staff, members and donors have been so supportive of our programs, membership and collaborative agreements. My healthy living and youth development stories below demonstrate how the YMCA impacts the lives of others.
Healthy Living: Pam Perdock is not only a wonderful employee but an even better individual.   She has worked in our aquatics department for the last 27 years. She was taught to swim at a YMCA and was a camp counselor in high school. Pam currently opens the indoor pool every Monday and Friday and works until 1p.m. She is so reliable, friendly and always smiling. Pam has so many friends and is certainly a positive representative of the YMCA! I am so proud to know Pam and thankful that she works at the YMCA!

Youth Development:  I really enjoy working in the Y's Men's Food Booth at the Washington County Fair. This is always a very busy time but when I do an overview of the event, the YMCA supporters are making a difference. The work of the Y's Men's Club is so enduring and generous. To watch the volunteer work of Bob and Lori Bauer is incredible. I can't even keep up with what they do at the fair. What is even more remarkable is that both Lori and Bob are so good with people. They are so caring and supportive, with a humorous side. As I watch Lori and Bob this year at the fair I certainly saw the work of God in their hearts. Below are pictures of our day camp kids enjoying their lunch at the county fair. I also had the pleasure of working
Kohl Hildebrand and Kinsey Hildebrand. They are both fun children!
Social Responsibility: I am writing this newsletter when politics are high for our nation and locally with the YMCA. Truth is most important. People will vote accordingly. In regards to the YMCA locally, we need a new facility. Our program spaces are just too small for effective events. The current facility is not ADA compliant and is land locked. The biggest issue that I'm hearing is that the YMCA is a private entity and shouldn't get public funding. My thoughts on this statement is that the YMCA in Washington is the city's recreational department. Without the YMCA, the city would have to supplement this area and it would cost the city thousands of dollars annually. The YMCA is all about collaborations. No one can continue without collaborations. We all need to work together. So, I ask you to help us. Vote on August 2.