June 2017
Coverage Corner
Commercial Crime Coverage

Many business owners don't like to think about the idea of employee theft, but this can leave their businesses under-insured or worse - completely uninsured.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 75% of employees steal from their workplace and 30 percent of business failures are directly related to employee theft.
Even though there is no way to eliminate the risk of employee theft, there are ways to help minimize it.  Employee hiring, training and retention policies are a good place to start. Minimizing opportunity, proper supervision, checks & balances in your accounting processes, and reducing the risk of 'rationalization' theft (an employee who thinks they are underpaid, and/or overworked and feels the company owes them) by making the employee feel vested in the company, are great risk management tools. Understanding the risk factors that lead to employee theft is your best defense in preventing it.

Having the proper insurance coverage in place is VITAL in protecting your business and your mission. Contact Hawley & Associates today for more information on Commercial Crime Coverage for your organization.

Crime coverage can cover:

Employee Dishonesty Theft of money Computer Fraud
Burglary or Robbery Forgery or Alternation Client Property

Client Spotlight
Expedition Therapy

Expedition Therapy provides an exciting, challenging, outdoor adventure experience for young adults, age 18+, facing a challenging crossroads in their lives.

The Therapeutic Expedition Mentality ® is an empowering option for young adults who want to have balance in their lives, stay sober, and reconnect with their authentic selves.

Their programs include: Backpacking, Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, Family Expeditions, Take Flight, Cultural Exploration, Service Projects, and Wilderness First Aid.

You can contact them at 435-899-1750 or  expeditiontherapyadmissions@gmail.com.
To view promotional video, please click  here!

Thank you, Expedition Therapy  for allowing H&A to be a part of your mission!
Now Offering On-Line Payments!
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Your Fundraising Resource!
CreativEvents is your fundraising resource! They offer consulting and event management services for fundraisers, conferences, concerts and festivals.  Together with Creative Charity Auctions, they also help non-profit organizations raise more money by providing specialty items (some items are exclusive!) for your silent, live and on-line auctions.  

Auction items can range from Sports, Music, Entertainment, Political & Military Collectibles, Animation, Art, Photography, Travel, Jewelry and so much more!

Visit their website at  www.creativevents.website or email for more information on how to make your next fundraising event a memorable experience for your guests and a success for your organization!
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Quarterly Quote
Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm

-Winston Churchill

June is 
National Safety Month!

We want to take this opportunity to recognize and reduce the risk of injury and death at work.

Preventable deaths are at all high, claiming more than 46,000 lives in 2015.

Your best defense to protect your organization from a lawsuit is to have the proper risk management
 procedures and insurance coverage in place.  

General Liability insurance (GL) is coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations.
Welcoming New Clients In:
- Missouri City, TX

- Houston, TX

- Renton, WA

- Seattle, WA

- Tucson, AZ

- Colorado Springs, CO

- Farmington, NM

- Clovis, NM

- Cincinnati, OH
Welcome Brandie Servis!

Brandie Servis is the newest member of 'Team Hawley' and we are so excited to have her join us!  

She brings to the table a very solid background in customer service, which aligns so perfectly with our mission of providing the best service in the industry.
Brandie strongly believes in our mission of helping children, their families and the communities in which we all live and work.

She loves living in the Northwest and spends a lot of her free time hiking, and other various outdoor activities and spending quality time with her family and dog.

Welcome to H&A, Brandie!

Friends of COF Golf Tournament

COF Training Services, is a non-profit 501(c)3 that offers services and resources to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing the opportunity to increase independence, produc-tivity and integration into the community.

Phil Hawley was excited to attend the 6th Annual 'Friends of COF' Annual Golf Tournament in June, which was held at the Sycamore Ridge Golf Course, in Spring Hill, KS.

Each golfer was thrilled to know that their investment in the event meant they were helping COF to provide support for more than 300 individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. Individuals with disabilities like this need ongoing support for these life-long conditions.
Japanese Intern Joins H&A

Hello. I am Suzu from Japan. I have done an internship at Hawley & Associates for three months.  I have worked closely with the sales/marketing team and assisted in their marketing efforts.

Everyone at H&A is very kind and helps me a lot. I learned a lot of things, such as American business culture, English communication skills, and professionalism.

I'm leaving here soon, but I will travel to seven countries before I go back to Japan. I love to travel to other countries and have been to more than 20 countries.

I wish Hawley & Associates many more successful years and that they empower more organizations.

Thank you all!

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