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We have a lot of exciting events coming up in November and December including a HUGE Shoe Sale with savings of up to 75% off, Black Friday (11/24) Doorbuster sales, cost saving coupons and our annual $50 NAO Gift Certificate Drawing.

The winner for our $25 Nugget Alaskan Outfitter Gift Certificate for October 2017 is
Clara Ferguson. Congratulations Clara!  To pick up your gift certificate, drop by the front counter and we will get it for you.     
Past winners who still need to drop by and pick up their Gift Certificates:
Eric Downer
Stephanie Winters
Winners are selected from those of you who receive and open our monthly e-newsletter. It doesn't matter when or how you signed up for our e-mail club - if you are on our email list you are a potential winner each month. Keep scrolling down for the coupon!
NAO Staff Recommendations

NAO gear and clothing is handpicked for SE Alaska weather, quality, good looks and usability. We have compiled a list of our staffs favorite NAO items for everyday use, travel, exercise, snow sports, gift giving... and included a little explanation of why these items are so loved.
General Manager

Item: Insoles
L ots of "favorite things" at NAO, but as far as "favoritist" that I use the most, it would have to be after market insoles. In the past, Superfeet alone were on my list as my only after market insole. Superfeet have supported my aging feet for decades and delivered me from plantar fasciitis on two occasions. If I am running in (Hokas) or otherwise using a very soft and unsupportive piece of footwear (Xtratufs) I will typically go with the green. If I am in a stability type of running shoe or more supportive piece of footwear like a hiking boot, I'm going with the orange Superfeet. The forefoot cushioning on the orange is awesome. In recent years Ice Bug (previously "Arch Flex") insoles are more often than not in my casual shoes.
They add a second arch support for your metatarsals, and the main or transverse arch support is "active", meaning it makes your arch still do some work.

Purchasing Manager

Items: Brooks Ghost running shoes and Feetures running socks
I run 5 days a week and my go-to shoe is the Brooks Ghost, I'm a neutral runner and I love the weight and flexibility of this shoe. I love the fact that its cushioned but, not too squishy for my foot. My go-to sock for running is the Feetures Max Cushion low cut, its stays in place, so no hot spots and the extra cushion under the heel and ball are awesome on long runs.

Office Manager

I tem: Oboz Shoes

I love my Sawtooth Oboz
I hike, walk and work in them.   They are so comfy from the get go.  I love the arch support that the insoles have.  The tread is perfect when playing outside in Juneau.
They are waterproof so perfect for our liquid sunshine.

Receiving Manager

Item: Mountain Hardware Scrambler 30L Backpack
I use it as my everyday pack, as well as an all-condition day hiker. It works great in any condition, but really shines in the rain. The Scrambler is constructed with Outdry, a waterproof membrane bonded directly to the fabric. All the seams are taped and the top compartment also has a light PVC coating for extra protection. The Scrambler is ultra-light weight, weighing under two pounds with a comfortable fit and light framing that feels natural. I've owned my pack for over a year and had it out in the nastiest SE Alaska weather and it hasn't leaked once. We offer this pack in a variety of great colors.

Marketing Manager

Item: PupCup
NAO just recently started to carry PupCups. I have three dogs and we are out on walks every day, so having such a handy way to give water to them has been great. I always carry a water bottle or Hydroflask with me and the PupCup just slides on and off of the bottom. I dropped and dented my older Hydroflask which still works, but the PupCup has saved my new Hydroflask from such abuse. It easily fits on the 32oz bottles so hydrating all three dogs is not a problem. Plus their slobber is completely separated from the mouth of the water bottle, so if I need a drink I only need to bring the one bottle.

Sales - Footwear  

Item: MSR Pocket Rocket camp stove
I love my pocket rocket 2 because it's incredibly light (2.6 oz) and folds up into an incredibly tiny package.  It allows me to fit my stove, fuel canister, collapsible spork, lighter, and instant coffee packets.  This makes it possible to take my coffee with me on any hike I'm on. 
The best part is the small size, light weight, and super quick boil time.  I can have a hot cup of coffee anywhere in less than five minutes.  Oh, it also boils water for food, too. 

Sales - Women's Section

Item: Marmot Rom Jacket
I use this jacket everyday, it Is light weight and the athletic design looks great on and moves to your body without looking out of place. The GORE windstopper technology is amazing, it is water resistant and breathable.  In the fall and winter I layer underneath it and stay warm and dry.  it is great in the wet summer months as well, I walk and hike with this jacket, I have been in down pouring rain and when I got indoors it dried out really fast. I like the attached adjustable hood, it has a little brim on it to keep wind and rain off of my face.  I have had this peace for about 2 years now and it still looks new, the quality is impeccable.
This item is my favorite item out of many other great pieces I own from NAO. 

Sales - Camping 

Item: Buff
I got my first Buff as a travel gift, and have collected a few since then. The original one (looks like climbing rope) is still kickin' and I carry it with me everywhere. It has served me well in cold and in heat, and does a great job keeping my face covered or my hair back.

I mostly wear it around my neck but buffs can be worn in a wide variety of ways, as a bandana, as a neck gaitor, as headband, as a hood, etc. I took it all over southeast Asia and India, as well as Scandinavia and the Yukon, and look forward to bringing it on future adventures.
I love that it is stretchy, seamless, colorful, and is so versatile in so many environments. It is easily one of my all-time favorite belongings!

Sales Staff

Item 1: Loki Kids Coat (on left)

Great coat for crisp fall walks and every day wear. The built in mittens are a fantastic addition for keeping those hands warm when gloves are left at home. Water resistant for those rain showers and a fuzzy fleece lining for warmth and comfort.
Item 2: Grundens Deck Boss Boots (middle) 
A rubber boot for every day wear. Single molded construction means no seams to come apart. Excellent tread ensures no slipping on wet decks, mud, or hopefully ice when it comes. Highly flexible shaft and you will be surprised at its light weight.
Item 3: Grundens kids' rain jacket (on right)  
A wonderful hardy rain coat for all Juneau activities! Hiking, fishing, or every day play, this coat will stand up to heavy rains, rough terrain, and kids.

Outside Sales

Item: Hydroflasks
I LOVE HYDROFLASK!  I almost always have at least one with me at any given time.  In the morning, I'll stop by my favorite coffee stand and pick up a hot drink in my 16oz wide mouth with the Flip Lid, and fill my 32oz wide mouth with a cold drink, and I'm good for the day.  The insulation on these bottles is amazing.  Hot drinks stay hot or warm for a good 6 to 8 hours, and the ice in my cold drink is still around the following day.  I also added a Food Flask to my collection (14 and counting...I have issues).  During a hike last winter, I had hot stew in the afternoon after a 5 hour hike.  That made my day!
What I like most about Hydroflask is their wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of containers.  Hot or cold.  Food or drink.  Hydroflask has a container ready for your next adventure.  Plus, you'll keep all those nasty plastic water bottles out of our landfill!

Here is our coupon for the next two weeks, Print it out or show it to us on your phone to receive a 15 percent discount on a hat, a pair of gloves or on a Deuter pack that is 45 Liters or larger. This coupon is good until November 12th and is only good on one item that we have in stock.
November Events
Doorbuster Sales start at 7am on November 24th
  • Coffee
  • Cider
  • Donut Holes
Whats NEW at NAO?
New Winter fashions are arriving daily! Here are a few of the fun new things we have gotten in.
Krimson Klover sweaters

PupCups slip easily on and off of a Nalgene bottle or 32oz Hydroflask.

Kari Traa is a Norwegian, Olympian Women's Freestyle Skier, we now carry her fun, warm and comfortable line of active wear.

Hero 6 Black GoPro's are now in stock!
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