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As the candidate-driven market trend continues, companies realize that changes need to be made not only to attract quality talent, but also to retain them once they are hired.  L ooking inward to how your company presents itself to job seekers is an important step in accomplishing this goal. 

Over the next two months, we will present a series comprised of articles related to this issue. Our intent is to assist hiring teams in increasing their retention rate by offering tips and strategy based on our industry knowledge.

Joe Woerner, Managing Director
Employer Branding 
Series: Talent Retention in 2016, Article 1

Gone are the days of walking into an unknown office building and asking to fill out an employment application.  These days, you can pretty much guarantee that candidates applying have already done their homework and have formed a first impression of your company.  Spending some time on the internet will lead candidates not only to job openings, but also company websites, social media/ networking sites as well as  company reputation review sites, such as Glassdoor or Indeed.
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