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July 2019
Have you shuttled recently?
Lights? Check. Seatbelts? Check. Leave your car at home? Check.

From Brisbane to Redwood City, shuttles are painting the county green and blue. Perhaps you've seen us around town and wondered: how can I roll in style too?

Here's how: Sign up for employer shuttle service. Join one of our shuttle consortiums and receive passes for all your staff.

Interested? Reach out to You can also call our office at (650) 588-8170.

Need to know your route? Here are all of the Shuttle Routes by City.
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101 Express Lanes
How will they affect your commute?
Express lanes are coming to the 101 soon! Construction is underway on the San Mateo County portion of this project. We received this update from CA DOT:
"Since construction began in March, crews are making progress on the San Mateo 101 Express Lanes project. Crews have placed temporary concrete barriers, demolished portions of the existing median barrier, removed pavement, installed temporary traffic monitoring equipment, and restriped the freeway. In addition, construction activities have included electrical service work in order to power overhead signs and lighting on the freeway. For the remainder of 2019, similar construction activities will continue in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Redwood City."
(In case you missed it)
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Working Together to Improve Our San Mateo County Commute
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