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October 2019
Bike Safety Workshops
Did you know that offers free bike safety workshops at employer sites? We sponsor a limited number of workshops each year, so contact us as soon as possible if you want to schedule one for your employees. Topics covered by our certified trainers include:
  • Planning your route, including connections to transit stations
  • Equipping yourself and your bike
  • Ways to safely and confidently communicate with other road users
We want everyone to bike safely out there. That's why we developed our Safe Bicycling in San Mateo County Handbook ! Hard copies of the handbook are available so please contact us if you need a new supply. Always plan your route and choose a bike-friendly street for your journey! And seriously, wear a helmet.
We also have a reimbursement program for bike parking and repair stations at half cost (up to $500 per unit) . Terms and conditions apply. Funding is limited and subject to availability.

Email Cary Tipton or Rebecca Roberts to request a workshop or reimbursement application.
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October 31 Deadline:
Get $100 reward for sending an email
(artwork: Ceclily Foote)
Calling all transportation champions!

October is National Rideshare Month. Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) can win a $100 e-gift card by simply sending an email to your employees promoting our Carpool 2.0 program and our Mid-Week Carpool Challenge . is raffling off three $100 prizes for those ETCs who send out the email below! (The lucky winners will be selected Monday, November 4.)

All you have to do to enter the raffle is email your employees the sample blast below by October 31st . Then email Cary Tipton ( ) with the following information:

1.   Date email was sent to all staff
2.   Company name and number of employees
3.   Your contact info

You can win $100, your employees can win up to $1,000, call that a double WIN! Thanks for helping us get the word out.

Best wishes, team 

Here is a sample e-blast to share:

Hi All,
Commuting options are something we don’t always think of as a benefit, but they are, especially with all the traffic on the roads in the Bay Area. As your Employee Transportation Coordinator, I wanted to let you know that October is #NationalRideshareMonth! You can win prizes and rewards totaling up to $1,000 by taking part in’s programs, which incentivize carpooling with e-cash and prizes!
It’s really easy to register, start by setting up a STAR account with your work email at . Then connect your Scoop or Waze Carpool app account to your STAR account. Check out the video explaining how to connect your accounts here:

Then just sit back, relax, and start carpooling to earn your $100 reward and to be entered to win your vacation package (up to $900). Bonus points for sharing your commute stories with on Twitter or Instagram (@SMCountyCommute). Click on either program banner below for more info!

(Your Name)
Caltrain Fare Update
In September, the Caltrain Board of Directors adopted changes to the agency's fares that will provide riders who are low-income with discounted pricing and generate additional revenue to help support the system's operating and maintenance costs over the next few years.

Caltrain is the only transit system in the region without a dedicated funding source to support its operations. Projections for the coming years anticipate that contributions from Caltrain's member agencies will remain flat and indicate that the agency will require additional revenue to offset costs associated with the operation of new federally-mandated safety systems. The fare changes will generate nearly $25 million over the next three years to support these needs.

The changes allow Caltrain to participate in a Regional Means Based Fare Pilot Program currently scheduled to begin in early 2020. By participating in this regional program, Caltrain will be able to offer eligible participants a 20% discount on single-ride adult Clipper Card fares.
Major project update from Caltrans:

"During the summer of 2020 Caltrans plans to demolish and replace the deck of U.S. 101 at Alemany Circle north of the U.S. 101 and I-280 interchange in San Francisco. The project will have approximately a one-month significant impact on regional and local traffic. During construction vehicle capacity will be reduced on U.S. 101 and traffic will be detoured through Alemany off and on ramp with major delays during peak commute hours.

Motorists should plan on delays and significant traffic during peak commute hours of 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and are highly encouraged to avoid the area or use alternate transportation . The project will reduce lane capacity from 3 lanes to 2 in the northbound direction for approximately 20 days. There will also be a reduction in speed from 50 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour as traffic is routed onto city streets at varied intervals in both southbound and northbound directions. Please drive safely!"

TrafficBusters! Tip of the Month
SOV [ess-oh-vee] (noun):

Abbreviation for Single Occupant Vehicle. A lonely vehicle in need of rideshare buddies. Packs the roads full and leaves empty seats that could be filled with carpoolers. Synonym for stressed driver. Don't be one!
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