December 2018
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Kentuckiana Health Collaborative
Kentucky Employers Invited into National Hospital Price Transparency Study 2.0
Hospital pricing for employers trending away from Medicare in Indiana Hospital Price Transparency Study 1.0
Email Randa Deaton, Corporate Director, UAW/Ford Community Healthcare Initiative and Co-Executive Director of KHC at for more information on the study.To see the full report, click here.
“For me the event just reconfirmed how pivotal the KHC is to the region. Having healthcare stakeholders (purchasers, payers, hospitals, and so on) all working to together to understand each other’s needs is the only way we are going to get true change to a fragmented system. Everyone will win when our healthcare systems provide quality care, access to care at an affordable cost. Alone we can accomplish nothing. Working together we can gain everything.”
DeAnna Hall
 Manager, Corporate Health & Wellness
It’s no secret that we have a problem with healthcare affordability in this country. Each day, there are new headlines that highlight this problem. We are all familiar with these headlines. But what do we do about it? That’s exactly what we addressed in last week's.... Read More
KHC Annual Conference Registration Now Open
March 5 | 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

5th Annual Conference - High Value Mental Healthcare

All Healthcare Stakeholders
National Alliance Offerings
The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions collectively empowers purchasers to drive innovation, health, and value for our companies, our communities, and our country. The KHC is a member of the National Alliance.
Achieving Value in Mental Health Support
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Purchasers Guide to PBM Quality 2018
*Blinded Version. Unblinded Version available to KHC members.

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