September 2018
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Data to Know
Mental Health Challenges Have Large Impact on Employers and Employees
Infographic Source: Student Alliance for Mental Health Innovation and Action (StAMINA) Qualitative Research Summary, 2018
Press Release
High School Students Examine Mental Health Stigma in KY Teens
Parents who refuse to take their children to therapy because they don’t believe in mental health treatment. School counselors who have told students to stop crying because they’re “fine.” Teens further ashamed of mental illness because of ...... Read More
Noteworthy KHC Blog Posts
K eep Your Eyes Wide Open - Technological Advancements Are Rapidly Changing Our Future
The recent KY SHRM conference in Louisville was well worth the time invested. As a long-time HR and employee benefits professional, the difficult part was choosing from the robust line-up of informative..... Read More
With commercial spending the bulk of the nation’s healthcare spending, it goes without saying that employers and healthcare purchasers are important stakeholders for driving improved healthcare quality..... Read More
KHC Events
Sept. 19 | 8 am - 10 am

Understanding Employer Challenges, Goals, and Needs for Addressing Opioid Use Disorder

All Employers

Dec. 4th | 8 am - 1 pm

The Path to Affordable Healthcare

All Healthcare Stakeholders
National Alliance Offerings
The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasing Coalitions collectively empowers purchasers to drive innovation, health and value for our companies, our communities and our country. The KHC is a member of the National Alliance.

National Business Coalition Sees Disparities in Access & Quality
of Mental Health and Substance Use Support
It’s estimated that for every dollar spent in improved treatment for common mental disorders, there is a return of four dollars in improved health and productivity.* However, US employers are not realizing the value of this investment according to a new report released by the non-profit National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions as clear disparities exist ...... Read More
Action Brief: Mental Health Accelerating Action for Parity and Peak Performance
As we usher in a promising new era for improving workplace mental health, achieving parity is expanding far beyond simply the need to comply with the law. An increasingly enlightened view means we are moving toward understanding the importance of “cultural parity” as well. Leading employers are discovering that investing in and supporting wellbeing..... Read More
November 12-14 | Washington, D.C

23rd Annual Forum: Leading the Future of Innovation, Health, and Value

This premier event brings together thought leaders, policymakers and key healthcare experts from across the country to share their insights and expertise. Interactive sessions center around emerging trends, innovations, and purchaser opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace. 

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