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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 6, Issue 3 (June 15/17)
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May 2017 Employment Stats

Unemployment Rate: 5.2%
(Yearly change -0.7 points decrease)

Participation Rate: 66.4 %
(Yearly change 3.6 points increase)

Employment Rate: 62.9%
(Yearly change 3.8 points increase)

(Info from Statistics Canada)


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Employers: Hamilton's Labour Market Plan depends on your involvement

hands_teamwork_puzzle.jpg During the past month Workforce Planning Hamilton staff have been interviewing local employers and HR managers about their labour market challenges  as we prepare a full Labour Market Plan for our community.

We are hearing valuable information from employers of all sizes about their key labour market challenges, such as training, retention of staff, and recruitment. The community provides  support to businesses such as employment services, educational services, etc. and our questions are helping us uncover how the community can better serve employers.

Ultimately it is your feedback that will make WPH's plan a success, and provide vital information that we can share with the broader community.

If you have 10 minutes to complete a brief phone survey please email Viktor Cicman at viktorcicman@workforceplanninghamilton.ca or call 905-521-5777 ext. 16.

Ten minutes of your time today will help create a vibrant workforce for the Hamilton of the future.
Statistics Canada report: The impact of aging on labour market participation rates

A recent study by Statistics Canada shares important information on how the future of the Canadian labour force will be affected by the aging population of the country.

Population changes related to aging have labour market implications because people are less likely to work after the age of 55. Therefore as the share of older Canadians
increases-with essentially no growth in the population of younger Canadians-the Canadian economy may face challenges related to extended periods of slow growth.

Furthermore, an aging population requires more support from government programs such as health care and Old Age Security. At the same time, the tax base could shrink
as a result of a declining share of core age workers. 

An aging workforce may also create challenges for employers, such as reduced work hours, health issues, and labour shortages.
Canada's job market stays hot with gain of 77,000 full-time positions in May

The labour market rode a surprisingly strong wave of new jobs last month as hiring rose in key areas like the private sector, manufacturing and full-time work, according to Statistics Canada.

Overall, the country registered a net gain of 54,400 jobs in May, the agency's latest jobs survey found.

Behind that number, Canada saw a surge of 77,000 new full-time positions in May, which more than made up for a decline of 22,300 part-time jobs.

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