May 31, 2017

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OneEmployers reminded to recertify positions

IMRF reminds employers to recertify members in elected positions and appointed governing bodies if they have not done so already. This is in response to two recently adopted IMRF Board Resolutions: Board Resolution 2017-02-13 and Board Resolution 2017-05-10


To comply, participating employers are required to create a resolution for a governing board or council to approve. The recertifying resolution must be passed by the governing body before September 1, 2017, regardless of the date of any previously passed IMRF resolution that may be on file.

The governing body may use IMRF Form 6.64, "A Resolution Relating to Participation by Elected Officials in The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund," or IMRF Form 6.64A,"A Resolution Relating to Participation by An Appointed Governing Body Position in The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund." The governing body may also draft and adopt its own resolution that is consistent with IMRF Form 6.64 or IMRF Form 6.64A. After the resolution is adopted, it must be filed with IMRF.

Failure to recertify will end IMRF eligibility for any elected position or any appointed governing body position.
ThreeMay 2017 Employer Reminder
 IMRF's Employer Access: What you should know
IMRF frequently reminds employers to log in to Employer Access to retrieve documents, register for workshops, and conduct transactions. For Authorized Agents, Security Administrators, and Web Assistants, Employer Access offers a secure platform to complete required tasks.
Learn more about this dedicated area of IMRF's website and the functions available in the May 2017 Employer Reminder.
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