Employment Law Edition --------------------------------------------- December 2019
Social Media is Outpacing the Legal System

Although social media is increasingly used in the workplace, the law has been slow to catch up to this new reality. For instance, courts have not updated their approach to how companies enforce social media policies, or respond to harassment that occurs over the Internet. Faye Riva Cohen explores how employers and employees should approach social media given this lack of guidance.

You can read this article here .
Layoffs and Mergers and Consolidations and Acquisitions ... Oh My!

There have been many dramatic changes within the Philadelphia region as local businesses and industries have undergone a large number of closures, mergers, consolidations and acquisitions.

What should an employee do to protect themselves amidst all of this chaos? In this article, Faye Riva Cohen offers insight as to what an employee should do in order to protect themselves in this tumultuous environment.

You can read this article on Faye Riva Cohen's blog here . As always, Faye will stay on top of these developments in employment law, and more, and will keep you updated.
When You Should Accept an Early Retirement Offer

Companies are increasingly offering early retirement packages to their employees, and trends suggest that early retirement offers will become increasingly popular in the years to come. But when should an employee accept an early retirement offer?

Faye Riva Cohen writes to explain what an employee should consider in deciding whether to accept early retirement. This article was originally published in the Philadelphia Bar Association's Labor and Employment Law Section Fall 2019 Newsletter and can be viewed here .
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